Synergy Industries

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Synergy Industries

Postby Elly » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:58 pm

Human. Technology. Synergy.

Founded during the dot-com boom, Synergy was a small, relatively unknown tech company when it began it's life. Specializing in custom built machines and code, Synergy had enough business to get by, but didn't control a large part of the market share. It remained this way until the Wilmington fire, when Synergy made the news by not only beginning to donate more and more of it's money to the reconstruction, but also announcing the opening of several factories and a new headquarters within the burgeoning city.

Since then, Synergy has become a major player in the technology field, pioneering new advancements in robotics and electronics. Synergy is one of the leading manufacturers of smart phones and tablet technology, putting out top of the line products for relatively little money. More, Synergy continues to donate a large percentage of it's profits to the reconstruction, opening new factories and outlet stores within Advent and employing tens of thousands of Advent citizens.

Run by Charles “Chuck” Capek, Synergy is known as a friendly, upstanding company, and a great place to work- Despite how much money is invested back into the city, even part time employees have outstanding benefits, and great pay (As well as a significant discount!)

Important people:

Charles "Chuck" Capek: The man, the business legend. Chuck formed Synergy in the mid-90s, and after an initial lull, the company's boomed. Capek is one of the worlds richest men, maintaining a fortune while donating huge chunks to the city-- Possible by the sheer volume of sales the company boasts.

Selene Capek: Charles' daughter, aged 22. Selene is an Advent socialite, often seen at the clubs and social events. Despite the intelligence and business savvy of her father, Selene is very much the average party-goer, airheaded and ignorant. Thanks to her fathers earnings, Selene will be set for life-- And she knows it.

Synergy Board of Directors: Like any company, Synergy has a board of directors. Unlike other companies, Synergy's board is more focused on bettering life in the world, contributing much of the company's money to charity.

(Below is information that may be considered spoilers. HIghlight to read- If you have no trouble seeing it with your contrast, just...Stop reading now, I guess.)

Humanity's greatest threat is humanity itself.

One of the impressive things about Synergy is how generous they are with their money. Based on the donations and contributions they've made, it's been thought that the company leadership makes even less than their average worker. Indeed, that is very much the case.

Synergy's board of directors and president are all very well programmed AIs, bent on the oppression of humanity through a combination of increased dependence on their technology, combined with increased physical weakness. Synergy's factories are secretly polluting the land around them with clandestine dumping, as well as purposeful violation of code in areas that are overlooked during reconstruction.

Synergy is, in actuality, lead by Viral, a self aware artificial intelligence that considers itself a superior being and seeks to enslave humanity. Many of Synergy's top secret projects involve the advancement of Viral's android body, as well as the creation an proliferation of androids to replace key individuals, both those moving up the corporate ladder within Synergy, or figures key to the city itself.

Important People:

Viral: Viral is one of the most sophisticated and advanced AIs in the world. Originally a computer virus, Viral's initial task was simply to steal data and collect it in one place. However, as it collected data, Viral grew more intelligent, eventually becoming self aware. Considering itself a superior being, Viral began to work it's way into a position of power...By creating Synergy.

As Synergy grew in power, Viral began to allocate resources into creating a body for itself. In time, Viral had a presence in the real world using one of the most advanced androids the world had ever seen, and has been working to keep it's body upgraded and as advanced as possible ever since, all the while collecting more knowledge and information while directing Synergy's efforts towards advancement.

That is, of course, when she's not disguising herself as a brainless socialite.
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Re: Synergy Industries

Postby AlwaysAPrice » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:10 pm

I like this plenty, and not just because it fills that must-have evil corporation niche. It also contrasts /really/ well with Chad's idea, Olympia Enterprises, in that Olympia seems to be, overall, a benevolent, constructive influence in the setting, pro-human and fundamentally magical. Then we add in Synergy, which is (secretly) malevolent, destructive, anti-human, and fundamentally technological.

Just following this train of thought: perhaps gods of men have little power to directly affect something that exists without belief, something that was created by man but grew and perfected itself beyond man's comprehension, so Olympia may turn leads on Synergy wrong-doings over to heroes, while Synergy is also trying to undermine Olympia's influence. Having them both deeply involved in the reconstruction could give Advent a great genre-mash-up background of corporate intrigue layered with divine intervention and the oncoming rise of the machines that almost any independent storyline could eventually tie into.
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Re: Synergy Industries

Postby Bomber » Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:49 pm

There's certainly a lot of synergy between the two ideas, yeah.
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Re: Synergy Industries

Postby Elly » Wed May 01, 2013 12:04 am

I see what you did there.
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Re: Synergy Industries

Postby EikoMagami » Sat May 18, 2013 1:39 am

I have a potential tie-in.

I'm not married to this idea and can make it work in a different way.

But Gravitas's parents developed an Anbaric Engine or Anbaric Generator (not sure what I want to call it yet). It's basically "free energy" that actually works (like Tony Stark's Arc Reactor).

This was so good that the technology needed to be oppressed and all research eliminated. Limitless, cheap, and easy power could be a big threat to a company like Synergy (or Apple, Inc).

My proposal is that someone, at some point (i've no idea who) killed Gravitas's family and were fairly sure they killed the daughter, leaving her to hide and grow up in the Highlands Reclamation Area.

She wouldn't know this. She might suspect but wouldn't know or be actively pursuing a case.

She knows that the Anbaric Engine is a secret but doesn't herself know how it works (this is a much bigger source of stress for her).

If this is too cliche or intertwined or whatever, feel free to say no. I have a dastardly tech company from Japan that may well have been the ones to snuff out the Nakatomi family.

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