Gathering Information

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Gathering Information

Postby Static Bolter » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:19 am

Originally posted by Black Starbeam: August 16th, 2009


Hi once again gang!

This is the thread where you let us know how your character reacts and helped out with the story arc mentioned here, #305257.

The rules for this are pretty simple:
    1. Start by telling us what your character did during the arc. Was there a particular battle you'd like to immortalise in story? Did you find a particular piece of information? How did your character feel as things progressed?
    2. Posting in this thread is treated as permission for subsequent posters to use your character appropriately in their own posts
    3. You may not reference anyone who has not already been posted about. This means that the first person to post cannot write about anyone being present but their own character, beyond in vague terms, such as 'the others'.
    4. Don't assume the people you were on the mission with in game were automatically on the team for RP purposes! Unless they post, they weren't there!
    5. Don't assume that no more than 8 people were present! Just because the game says that, doesn't mean our forum RP can't break their rules.
    6. Leave it open for other posters to have something to help with!
    7. Leave your RP in replies to this thread!
    8. Have fun!

Here's an example of the way things work, though obviously isn't applicable, since neither Beam nor Bolter were present.

Post 1. (Me)
Beam kicks stuff in the head, with a quick smile over to his teammate.

Post 2. (Botly)
Bolter returns Beam's smile.

Post 3. (Mundi)
Mundane holds his shovel over his head, desperately trying to deflect some blows. "Hey guys, a little help?"

Post 4. (Me again)
Beam turns in time with Bolter, electricity and kicking felling Mr. Mundane's attacker quickly and without ceremony. Mundane smiled finally, dusting himself off with his free hand.

So, go to it! Enjoy the arc and let it create some RP and give your character an important role in this exciting story!
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Re: Gathering Information

Postby Static Bolter » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:20 am

Originally posted by the Subtractor: August 16th, 2009

((Hopefully this is the kind of thing you wanted. [It's exactly the kind of thing I wanted - Beam.]))

Subtractor raised an eyebrow as his comm unit began beeping. That hadn't happened in a while, considering that most of his friends in the Reciprocators were lying low, or just not around when he was. A quick flick of a switch, and he caught the end of Resistance's call for a response. Before the robot repeated his message, Subtractor responded. "Subtractor here, Resistance. What's the problem?"

As Resistance began to fill him in on the details, Subtractor smiled to himself. It was about time they had a lead like this. "Alright, I'll do it. Have anyone else who you can reach meet me at the Council base."

Flicking his comm again, setting it to receive only, Subtractor softly hummed a mnemonic for a certain mathematical concept, and turned to where his armour was, neatly arranged in the corner of the spare bedroom his parents had quickly cleaned out for him. "Time to go and get this worked out."

A few minutes later, he was in his armour and rearranging himself through the sky towards the coordinates Resistance had provided.
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Re: Gathering Information

Postby Static Bolter » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:21 am

Originally posted by the Androgyne: August 17th, 2009

((Also hope I'm doin it rite))

The Kings Arrow stood on his favorite rooftop in the Row. On the northside of the Gish, it gave him a vantage point from which he could watchover High Park in nearly its entirety. In his right ear, his frequency-scanning comm came to life as abroadcast was detected, an alert from Resistance, one of theReciprocators' robotic aides. He tapped the earpiece beneath his maskand acknowledged his presence with a short rasp of his handle. AsResistance relayed the information and other interested voices began tocheck in, the lead lending their voices an enthusiasm hehadn't heard much of since he donned his mask to help them, hisheartbeat quickened. Reciprocators and Misfits were mobilizing, and ashe'd promised those he'd encountered, the Kings Arrow would be there tohelp them.

He made sure his bow and quiver were secure across his back, beneaththe short black and gold cape he'd adopted to complete his look, lend abetter impression of fullness to his frame and distract the eye fromthe rest of him. With his weaponry accounted for he was ready to move,and wasted no more time than that in doing so, springing off the ledgeand snapping out a hand to pull himself seemingly into the very shadowof the building itself; appropriate, since "shadow magic" was the termhe'd adopted to explain the abilities he brought to bear in combatbesides his bowmanship.

After several minutes of swinging nearly instantaneously from shadow toshadow on an erratic course until he began to get a clearer grasp ofwhere he was meant to be and honed his trajectory accordingly, zeroingin on the Council base, the Kings Arrow materialized just a few meterspast its door with his bow drawn and an arrow nocked. Its point nestledagainst the temple of the Council guard manning the entry checkpoint. "Openthe door." A glance at the security cameras revealed the guard had beenmonitoring the recent arrival of a heavily armored individual nearby;luckily no alerts had been sounded as they were not yet sure of theSubtractor's intent.

The guard made a baffled sound, having barely registered the KingsArrow's presence before he spoke, then swallowed dryly. His hand wavered over thesecurity controls, so the Arrow repeated, growling, "Open the door." He leaned his weightforward onto the balls of his feet to increase the insistent digging ofthe arrow point into the guard's temple; he didn't dare loosen his holdon the arrow to achieve the effect as he had nowhere near the controlyet to be sure he wouldn't simply release it in attempting to do so andkill the man.

When those who would respond to Resistance's broadcast arrived, theywould be able to pass this checkpoint without incident. To them, theKings Arrow rasped without looking away from the silently fuming guardkept captive at arrow-point, "Got this. Get what you need."
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Re: Gathering Information

Postby Static Bolter » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:23 am

Originally posted by Ed Allgood: August 18th, 2009

((I hope this somewhat what you want.))
Sitting in an uncomfortable chair during his military tribunal, Ed can’t help but think of his fellow wayward Reciprocators with no place to call home and unsure of whom they can trust. His mind is elsewhere as a Colonel reads off a list of infractions supposedly committed while in service to the US army.
A quick kick from his appointed lawyer, Steven Beck, brings him back to reality. Ed stands and faces his grouping of Judges. A slight grin comes to his face thinking of two of the judges in particular as he served under them. Two, quite possibly, of the shadiest humans ever to earn the rank of Colonel.
“Lieutenant Allgood, please stand before your tribunal” Colonel McClintock says from his seat ten yards in from of Ed. “What do you say about these allegations of insubordination, extortion, computer fraud, black mail, tax evasion, and assaulting a superior officer?” The last part brought a full smile to his face.
Allow me start with the insubordination and assault, if you would allow me.” Ed says with a bit of mockery in tone. “Captain McBride was, in my opinion, unable to lead the squad due to his emotional state. When he refused to relinquish command, I felt that it was in the men’s best interest to relieve him of said command… So I popped him one, everyone got out fine and the mission was a success. I did him a favor, if we had continued with the current headin’; we would have walked into some deep shit. We then bypassed the platoon of armed forces that there patrolling, which I would like to point out was on a constant pattern around their base of operations to which our scout had pointed out, completed the mission with no shots fired and no injuries outside of a goddamn blister!” Ed pondered his next words carefully. If he said too much and indicated the Colonels, it would worse off than just taking his lickings. “As for the other allegations… Anythin’ that I did was direct order from a superior officer of whichever missions in question. And when the hell did I not pay my taxes?”
After a few moments of murmurs from the table in front of him, he was asked to be seated and wait for their judgement.
A slight beep went off in his ear and Ed jumped a bit in his seat. He hasn’t heard the Reciprocators comm unit beep in so long, he forgot he was wearing it. Before he could activate the comm and listen to whomever was sending it, the Colonels cleared their collective throats and McClintock began to speak.
“There seem to be strange circumstances that General Jackson wishes to enforce upon this tribunal. You are given the option, one I might add that most do not get, of serving fifteen years in a military prison in Germany or reenlisting with the army at the rank of Captain. You would be deployed immediately and sent to a location still to be determined. Either way, the government will be seizing all assets associated with Allgood Enterprizes to compensate for all back taxes you owe.. What say you, Lieutenant Allgood?”
Railroaded. Someone is squeezing here and Ed’s not liking it one bit. Someone wanted him out of the states. He needed time to think, to prepare. Then he remembered the low beeping in his ear and started to get flustered. “I need some time… To get my thin’s in order. When is the latest I can be deployed? I have to make sure my Ma and Brother are set. I don’t want them to struggle without me.”
“Five days, Captain Allgood. At Oh Seven Hundred.”
With that ruling, Ed was back into the army and on his way out of Paragon for who knows how many years. The thought hit him in the chest like a ton of bricks. He recited the verbal encryption code and heard Resistance repeating the message to someone else. “Allgood here, what’s goin’ on Tin man?”
With the message still fresh in his head, Ed rushed back to Paragon City to aid his fellow Reciprocators and Misfits anyway he can.
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Re: Gathering Information

Postby Static Bolter » Tue Apr 23, 2013 4:24 am

Originally posted by Sean Casus: August 26th, 2009

Sean blinked, glancing around the hallway for the source of the voice.. then quickly rolled his eyes at himself and placed his hand to his right ear, listening to Resistance. Before he could open his mouth, Subby chimed in. Listening to Resistance's message, he quickly ducked into a restroom and stripped off his casual clothing, revealing his new costume. The one in which he always introduced himself as 'Crimson.' (Or more accurately, "Crimson, but not that Crimson.") Putting his mask on and casting one last glance at the mirror to make sure it was all on right, he dashed out of the restroom and sprinted down the hallway; running past a pair of startled students as he darted throughthe main doors.

Bounding over and through the buildings of Founders' Falls, he made his way to the Council base's location. A few minutes later, he finally spotted the entrance to the base, mainly thanks to the preoccupied Kings Arrow and Council Friend. Sean frowned to himself. He couldn't let Kings see him in this costume. Focusing the energy flowing around and through him, he managed to create a passable energy cloak, just in time to land and bolt through the checkpoint, hopefully quickly enough to avoid Kings' notice.

Now inside, Sean glanced around. The inside seemed fairly standard. Caves. Banners. Fans. Council troops. Though not a small number of Council troops, it looked like. Eyeing the group just over two meters away, he stepped forward and immediately created a low pitched hum. Mentally commanding the energy in the air to combine with the small amount of kinetic energy his humming had created, it only took a second to build up to the level needed to affect the gathered troops. Before they could finish drawing their guns, they found themselves asleep standing up. Sean took a step forward, and only narrowly dodged an energy blast from a Zenith Warcry robot that had somehow escaped his attention. Bouncing over the heads of the other troops, he gathered energy around his fists and brought a crushing blow down on the bot's head, which gave a satisfying crunch before shutting down and falling backwards. Checking over his shoulder to make sure the commotion hadn't woken any of the sleeping soldiers, Sean rushed further into the base.
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