Perspectives: Antagonists (Mar '09)

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Perspectives: Antagonists (Mar '09)

Postby AlwaysAPrice » Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:58 am

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Re: Perspectives: Antagonists (Mar '09)

Postby AlwaysAPrice » Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:59 am


Radiant Redemption:
The fusion of known Hero Kitsuki Kaijuko (see attached ref: Kitsuko Kaijuko/Reciprocators) and traitor Nictus Radiant Ebon Glory (see attached ref: Adjudant Krause, Wendell). Poses a high level of threat to ongoing operations of the Galaxy division and with the backing of the Reciprocators a threat to future operations as outlined by Lady Arkhan.

He read that line over and then again. 'Poses a threat to future operations'. Radiant Redemption was far from the only traitor to oppose the Nictus, but few made it so far as to achieve the level of attention she had attracted. He read on.

Past and Present Associations:
Reciprocators (2007-Present): A 'Tier' within the Reciprocators, Radiant Redemption has access to all facilities within the Citadel of Defiance as well as significant support from their membership (note: The nature of the security systems in place within the Reciprocators base of operations means that we are unaware of its exact resources. Though it certainly houses medical, teleportation and repair facilities as well as all the intelligence the Reciprocators have gathered. See attached ref: Reciprocators/Citadel of Defiance)

Shield of Paragon (2007-Present): A member in good standing of the Shield of Paragon with the access that entails to their facilities as well as assistance from the member groups. (see attached ref: Shield of Paragon/Silver Guard/Mighty Brigade/Futura Force/Children of Egypt/League of Misfits/They Might be Heroes/Guardian Angels/Reciprocators).

Freedom Corps (2006-2007): A former member of, she is listed as honorably discharged after lodging a formal complant over the deployment of Longbow forces to the Etoile Islands followed by a letter of protest and her resignation. Potential exists to use her against Longbow due to lingering hostility towards the group.

Freedom Phalanx Reserve (2008-Present): Though this is more of and honorary title it does signify that she will resport to any threat as designated by the Freedom Phalanx and may appear during any major operation by the group.

Vanguard (2008-Present): An active operative, she was involved in the defense against the second Rikti invasion and has often been seen involved in major strikes against the Rikti. Potential for action against large groups of Heroes should they become overmatched by Rikti foces, further observation ongoing by detachments in the Rikti Warzone. (see attached ref: Vanguard/Rikti.)

Portal Corporation (2007-Present): Has remained on retainer for security and exploration of alternate dimensions. Notable actions during expeditions to both Axis America and Praetorian Earth. (Note: Possible existance of Praetorian duplicate? No such entity has ever been discovered.)

He had to admit that she had an impressive record for her youth and she had only been merged for the last year. His infiltration and subversion experience had decades on her, but his experience with extra-dimensional entities was dwarfed by hers. He suspected the certainty of his victory, but the very fact that he had been assigned to this mission suggested her skill and that of her allies. He would watch these Reciprocators and learn from them, and then he would strike down all who opposed his Lady.
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Re: Perspectives: Antagonists (Mar '09)

Postby AlwaysAPrice » Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:00 am


Deep below the streets of Paragon, a teenage boy sits upon a stool, furiously fusing wires to what appears to be a large mechanical arm.

"I hate him!" the boy whined, continuing his work, frustrated and annoyed.

Sighing, he leaned back and pulled his goggles up, turning to the large display against the west wall of his diminuitve, bet well tricked out lair.

"Omega!" he said, his voice louder than he knew was necessary.

A screen flickered to life displaying a face comprised of blue lines. Powering on, the face responded "Yes Master?"

"Did you finish what I asked?"

"Yes Master." the voice responded, the face on the screen moving in time with the words.

"Well?!" he asked, getting annoyed.

"Heavy-Mettle, Reciprocator; citizen designation unknown. Approximate age, 32 years 17 days old. Heavy-Mettle has the distinction of being one of the few Heroes to combat Lord Recluse and win, arresting him and keeping him behind bars for a record seventeen minutes and twenty four seconds before he broke free." the computer's voice droned on, incapable of understanding the look of frustration on his creator's face.

"Heavy-Mettle was commended by Statesman multiple times for his completion of various tasks, including but not limited to stopping the advances of the Praetorian Tyrant, helping to repel the most recent Rikti Invasion, and putting an end to one of the more believeable Nemesis decoys. After accomplishing these tasks, Heavy-Mettle continued to aid the city, helping the Kheldian Shadowstar, later disclosures by Heavy-Mettle to Paragon City Officials confirmed him as hosting a Warshade by the name of Midnight Star. As a note Master, Heavy-Mettle's new fusion with the Kheldian has made him quite a bit more formidable now than any of the previous times he has defeated you."

Grimacing, the young man sneered, "How do I beat him?"

"Error." the face replied, "There is no logical answer. Heavy-Mettle is determined, committed, and as descibed by Paragon Citizen Designation Deborah Rogers 'one tough son of a bitch', further research confirms that you have little hope of keeping someone like him down for very long. You lack the physical capability to handle him yourself, and even if you were to build a machine capable of seriously harming him, Heavy-Mettle has allies, you do not."

Scowling now, "Fine, how do I hurt him?"

"Define 'hurt'. Three accepted definitions with fifty seven variants exist."

"HOW DO I MAKE HIM REGRET CROSSING ME?!?" the child yelled.

"Commonly, Heroes hold the value of others lives above their own." the program answered, its logic only further aggravating its creator, "During recorded combat between Automaton and Heavy-Mettle dated 24.12.2007, Automaton recorded a pitch variance of .037 when addressing the young girl it had captured."

"So? That is miniscule"

"It is the belief of Omega that such a change by someone with the ability to manipulate sound represents something much greater than would normally be considered relevant in a normal person."

"Get to the point Omega" he said, his aggravation dieing down.

"The girl represents something special to him." the voice intoned, "Hurt her and you will make the cement wall that is Heavy-Mettle crack and tumble."

Rubbing his hands together, the boy turned back to his work.

"Time for the ToyKing to hold a special party for a very lucky little girl..."
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Re: Perspectives: Antagonists (Mar '09)

Postby AlwaysAPrice » Thu Apr 18, 2013 6:02 am

Static Bolter:

(( I really hate this post, but I'm a whore and want Price to shell out money so I'm posting it anyway. ))

"...and how's your daughter doing, Clarie darling? I've heard so much about that group she's running, but the media really doesn't cover anything about her personally."

It took a moment for Clarissa Wells to realise Lucille was done rabbiting on about her children. The woman was a frightful bore really, but Clarissa kept up the friendship for appearances' sake.

"Oh you know how it is, dear," Clarissa said evasively. "She's always frightfully busy. It's quite a cut-throat business."

"Still too busy to settle down, is she?" Lucille replied with an arch smile. She was always so smug about the fact that it had been her daughter that snapped up Henry Abelman instead of Beth, even though the young man would be absolutely nothing without what Johnathan had done for him. Henry was going into politics now, with only Lucille's horse-faced child on his arm. If only Clarissa had been able to convince Beth to make an effort, he would have chosen her over anyone; but she was such a wilfull girl. Didn't know what was good for her. Clarissa was sick of trying to mould her into something worth attention.

She couldn't count the amount of time and money she'd wasted on trying to make her daughter respectable. All those tutors, finishing classes, expensive outfits. All the parties her husband threw for his business colleagues, where Clarissa had taken time out of acting as hostess to chaperone Beth around the eligible young men. None of them were ever good enough; as if Beth had any idea what was good for her. That girl didn't understand the duty she owed to her parents.

Instead of listening to her parents' advice and doing what was expected of her, she'd gone off gallivanting around the City with that coloured fellow, making a spectacle of herself.
What's worse, Beth's ridiculous behaviour had ulitmately led to her father's death. There may have been some legal issues involved in Johnathan's business practices, certainly; Clarissa wouldn't deny that. Still, if Beth had been willing to simply listen to her father and talk things through it could have all been sorted out amicably. Prison had killed Johnathan, Clarissa was sure of that. She would never forgive Beth for selfishly choosing her so called 'hero' life over her family.

Poking at the remains of her lunch, Clarissa snapped out of her reverie and gave a cold smile at another insipid question from Lucille. "What happened to that hunk Raymond? He was so charming! Did you two enjoy your trip?"

"It was delightful." Clarissa replied, hoping she sounded more animated about it than she felt. "But it was the last hurrah for Raymond and I. He was fun, but I got a little tired of leading him around."

"Trading him in, darling?" Lucille asked with an affected laugh.

Clarissa pushed back her chair with an air of nonchalance. "Of course, dear. Men are like clothes. They go out of fashion after a season or two." She stood up, tossing the napkin that rested on her lap back on the table. "Which reminds me, I need to speak with with Rosa about a few new acquisitions after the show yesterday. Do excuse me, dear. Thankyou for lunch."

Turning to walk away, Clarissa's face settled again into an expression of anger and disappointment. Raymond had been a source of real enjoyment to her, and now was just another thing Beth had destroyed. First John, now Raymond...Clarissa had been avoiding speaking to, or even thinking about her daughter since they returned from their 'holiday'. Still, she couldn't avoid the thought forever. She....she hated her.
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