Perspectives: Favorite Room (Aug '08)

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Perspectives: Favorite Room (Aug '08)

Postby Visavis » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:45 am

shaydeswhisper: Perspectives: August - Post Here.
This month we are going to do something a bit different.

As Reciprocators we all have a home away from wherever we call home. For a few of us, it might be the only home we know. I'm talking of course about the Citadel. The challenge for this month is to pick a room in the Citadel and write a piece that centers around it. This month's probably going to be a lot harder than previous ones, but I know the talented writers of the Recips will do great. Thanks to everyone that has posted for July. If you haven't and still want to tell a story there then feel free. I still haven't got mine posted.

A little help for inspiration/how the Citadel works:
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Re: Perspectives: Favorite Room (Aug '08)

Postby Visavis » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:51 am

Showstarter: Perspectives August - Hidden Truths
The gentle light of the torches illuminated the side of Showstarter’s face as he read through the heavy, dusty tome. The general hum of the Sanctum, caused by all manner of magic emanations and effects, helped to relax and center him as he concentrated on the writings within the tome. Feeling a little stiff in the joints, he rested the tome on the ground and stretched his legs.

He had been here for over four hours, after all.

Reaching over to the can of Coke on the ground next to him, he took a gulp, feeling the cooling sensation of the liquid as it moved down his throat into his body. He arched his neck back, savouring the feeling for a few seconds before letting out a rather undignified burp. Feeling somewhat embarrassed as it echoed through the empty stone room, Show quickly picked up the tome and went back to his research.

Yuki walked past the entrance, glancing in and seeing Show. Out of the corner of his eye, Show could see her brow furrow in an expression of puzzlement, before she shook her head slightly and walked on. Show smiled slightly, knowing that she was thinking exactly the same thing as everyone else that walked past.

What in the hell is the Warshade doing looking up magic?

The reason was one that Show had kept to himself. He didn’t want the others to know about it until he knew what was going on. He’d thought it was under control, until last night, in a Hellion’s den, when he’d been shown how wrong he was.

It was raining that night, and we’d spotted a pair of Damned running through Talos Island as though their lives depended on it. Curious as to why two Hellions were so far away from their turf, we followed them. Ensuring that we weren’t spotted by the panicked gangers, we trailed them to a warehouse in the docks area. Waiting until they’d headed inside, we’d stepped in after them…

Show’s mind was cast back to the present as a passage in the tome interested him. “The Classification of Demons.” Reading his way down through the passage, he found a particular name that interested him.


Reading the passage further down, Asmodai was classed as a demon of vile revenge, one who delighted in tempting mortals with simple and bloody vengeance. The book also mentioned that Asmodai was not the name of a single demon, as was previously believed in folklore, but a particular class of demon, similar to the demon class known as Incubii.

Eventually we managed to follow the two Damned to their destination. A large group of about twenty Hellions all surrounding a stone altar, inscribed with all manner of runes and symbols. A satanic ritual. But it was more than just your average satanic ritual.

It was a summoning ritual.

At the time, Show had questioned how he could possibly have known that. He was not well versed in magic, or demonology, or anything arcane at all. But he had known, and known with complete certainty.

Continuing to read through the tome, he came to the area of demonic possession. It spoke of how demons could possess people through making deals with them, or, if the person was so inclined, they could bind a demon to their being, and essentially become one with them. Putting the tome down again, Show grabbed the M.A.G.I report that he had retrieved a day earlier. It was a very special report done in conjunction with G.I.F.T, the organisation that dealt with mutant affairs. It was a report on a unique mutation, the natural ability to bind and trap demons, without the use of complex magic or ritual. Show thumbed through the report, which used Infernal of the Vindicators as an example of someone with this ability. After the introduction, the report quickly descended into a collection of genetic blueprints and various other complex reasons behind the ability.

Watching behind the security of our Shadow Cloak, we watched as the Hellions began performing the ritual. Our first count of their number was a bit pessimistic, as a proper head count yielded thirteen Hellions in the room. The ritual leader started to speak, consulting a tome, as if he wasn’t sure of what to do next. The candles placed all around the pentagram inscribed in the concrete floor flared as the ritual leader began chanting in an indecipherable tongue.

As the ritual progressed, the other Hellions joined in. The pentagram began to glow a fiery red, and more than one of the Hellions looked as though he was having second thoughts about the whole thing. But the ritual had seemed to have taken a life of its own, and looked as though it threatened to spiral out of control. We had to stop it.

Shaking his head at the gaggle of scientific information assaulting his eyes, Show put the report down and once again turned to the ancient tome. The chapter on demonic possession continued, talking about methods and rituals for summoning, and preparation of the vessel for possession.

We prepared ourselves for the inevitable battle, steeling our resolve. Taking down that many Hellions was not going to be a walk in the park, but it had to be done. We couldn’t let them unleash another demon on this world. We prepared for battle, to disrupt the ritual and stop them.

The ritual leader raised his fist into the air and began repeating a chant. The pentagram caught fire, flames shooting up to the ceiling. The flames began to bubble and warp the paint, and even from the hallway, we could feel the heat emanating from the room. Strangely enough, the Hellions all seemed unaffected as the fire burned around them. We stepped forward and….

It felt like dynamite had exploded in our chest. We collapsed to our knees and it took all of our energy to not scream in utter agony. Shaking uncontrollably, we could do nothing more than look straight at our hands, trying to stop us from falling flat on our face. Our eyes widened as we watched our hands begin to… grow, changing from being flesh pink to a dark greyish hue, sprouting claws.

No. Not again, we thought.

Another wave of pain hit us and we could not help it any longer. We screamed and fell to the ground…

Sighing, Show closed the tome. He’d been at it for far too long today. His muscles protested as he hauled himself up, making sure he picked up his now empty Coke can. Those who frequented this chamber would be none too happy to see he’d left rubbish around. He went over to the shelf and replaced the tome, slowly letting his hand fall away from it, as though he didn’t want to let it go. Before he walked out, he closed his eyes and played out the rest of the story in his head.

Opening our eyes, we found ourselves lying on the ground on top of the pentagram, bodies of Hellions scattered everywhere. It was a grisly scene, with blood and claw marks covering the fallen. There were signs that the Hellions had fought back, with bullet holes and scorch marks everywhere, though it was obvious they bit off more than they could chew. Getting up, we realised our clothing was in tatters, and we had to support ourselves against a wall to ensure we didn’t fall over from exhaustion. As we stumbled out of the building, we told ourselves that we managed to defeat whatever it was that the Hellions managed to summon.

Show shook his head in disgust. As much as he wanted to believe he defeated the demon that they summoned, he knew the truth was much worse than that.

And he wouldn’t rest until he found a way to stop it.
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Re: Perspectives: Favorite Room (Aug '08)

Postby Visavis » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:53 am

Since I was so late in writing my July perspectives piece, I linked July and August together. So please go read my July piece that I posted today as well before you read this one. Thanks!

Yuki's eyes opened with much effort as she tried to figure out exactly where she was. Her ears were still ringing, that seemed to be really all she heard. She was lying down, she could figure out that much. Her body also ached all over, making moving an unpleasant thing.

Her memories started to flood back to her. She was set up, led into a trap by the Council Archon that had been feeding her information. She shot up in the bed she was in despite her body's aching protest. She expected to find herself in one of the Council's cells, but she was in fact in the Medical Center of the Citadel of Defense.

Bolty was standing beside her, saying something frantically that Yuki couldn't hear over the ringing in her ears. She figured by the way Bolty was trying to ease her back down on the bed, that she was telling her not to get up. That sounded like a good plan to her.

The autodoc hovered over her for a moment running scans. She felt a small prick in her arm, as the autodoc dosed her with something.

Her eyes moved from the droid to see Beamy standing beside Bolty. His face was unreadable as it was hidden behind his faceplate. Yuki let her eyes move away from his, not wanting to see any disappointment that might find it's way there. She screwed up really big tonight. She was stupid and careless and it had almost cost her life. She didn't even feel any solace when Beam reached over and squeezed her shoulder lightly. She felt she had let him down. She had let everyone down.

She was glad to feel the effects of the drug the autodoc gave her. Her eyes started to droop and she couldn't keep them open if she had wanted to. She decided for now to slip into the blissfulness of sleep.


Her eyes fluttered open again, though she couldn't say how much time had passed. The first thing she saw when she awoke was Bolty asleep in a chair right next to the bed. She gave a slight frown to herself, hating that she had made Bolty worry so much.

Her eyes moved about the medical center. No one else seemed to be here at the moment. She let her gaze fall on the spot where Lexie's office used to be. It was empty void as far as she was concerned. Nothing that had belonged to Alexus remained, and that made her feel sad inside. She realized how much she missed her at that moment. She had avoided the medical center as much as possible for that very reason. She didn't want to be reminded that Lexie was gone.

She reached out to take Bolty's hand that was resting beside her on the bed. Her skin felt quite warm compared to hers, and was very reassuring. Even the slight tingle she would get every now and then from the electricity coursing through Bolty's hand made her feel safe. She let her eyes slip closed again.


When she next awoke it was to the sound of a loud voice.


Her eyes opened to see The Noisebomb standing over her, peering down at her. Bolty said something to him, which she couldn't really hear. It didn't seem to fully convince him.

"DOES SHE NEED MOUTH TO MOUTH?" Noisebomb offered helpfully.

Bolty gave him a slightly annoyed, but amused look and said something else to him. His only reply was to shrug.

She let her eyes glance around her and she saw Fluxie standing on the other side of the bed she was in, openly grinning at the Noisebomb.

She tried to sit up to let everyone know she was awake, but she knew what a bad idea that was as soon as she tried it. Her stomach felt as if it were on fire, and she started to feel nauseous from the effort. Fluxie and Beth both put a hand on her shoulder to make sure she didn't try it again.

Bolty tried to say something to her, but it sounded just like a dull murmur to her. Her ears were obviously still damaged from the explosion.

"I'M SORRY! I CAN'T HEAR YOU, BOLTY!" Yuki replied to whatever it was that Bolty was trying to say to her. The volume of her words made everyone in the room wince, except for The Noisebomb, who seemed unaffected.

Tom, who she now saw was here as well, said something to Fluxie and Bolty and reached down to give Yuki's hand a squeeze. He put a hand on The Noisebomb's shoulder encouraging him to follow as he left.

Yuki made a grimace as the Autodoc floated over to her. It was such a cold machine to her. It was very good at what it did, there is no mistaking in that. It just seemed to lack a personal human touch, despite Beam and Lexie's attempts to modify its personality program. It didn't help that it looked like an Imperial Interrogation Droid. She tried to put the thoughts out of her mind as the robot went to work on mending her stomach.

She gave a sigh. Even that small action was enough to make her stomach hurt. She let her eyes go to look up at the cealing as she wondered idly how long she would be stuck in here.
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Re: Perspectives: Favorite Room (Aug '08)

Postby Visavis » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:58 am

Static Bolter: Dr Miracle
((I almost didn't finish this due to a mild case of 'same dress' syndrome, but then I saw this line in Yuki's story: "Yuki made a grimace as the Autodoc floated over to her. It was such a cold machine to her." and I decided I had to post mine. Lets assume this happens at some point when Yuki isn't in the Medicentre in a critical condition.))

..the ones who really care,
In the end they'll be the only ones there.
When you-

Everything went still just as a head poked around the edge of the Medicentre's wall. A voice followed from around the corner. "What're you doing Beth?"

"Hmm? Oh, just thought I could hear something. Just imagining things I you know who moved the Autodoc?" She squinted confusedly at the VaulTek Auto-Doc Mk XIII. It beeped angrily back at her, having never quite forgiven her for shorting out its syringe arm. Or the time she'd garbled its voice modulator.

Eventually the much loathed electrical monstrosity shrugged and disappeared back round the corner, and two voices faded into the distance. The Doc waited a few more minutes just to make sure before turning its tunes back on.

...get old and start losing your hair,
Can you tell me who will still care?
Can you tell me who will still care?


"I don't wanna but! It's all cold and creepy in there." Flax was dragged into view on the arm of Kit.
"You're due for a checkup Anne. It won't take long." The asian warrioress rolled her eyes as she hoisted the young girl up onto the medical bed. The Autodoc hovered over to them both.

"Good day! I am the VaulTek Auto-Doc Mk XIII! Would you care to take a look at the wide range of diagnostic features I can offer you?" it sounded off, it's automated voice jerking up and down oddly. Flax pulled a face at it. "I hate this thing. It drilled a hole in my head." Kit turned her attention to one of the monitors as she started the 'routine health check' sequence. The Doc took the opportunity to stick one of the mandibles from its claw attachment up at the little girl. "And I'll gladly do it again!" it declared in it's most helpful sounding voice as it began analysing Flax. The checkup finished without incident, though perhaps a little quicker than normal, and the two Reciprocators left after the Doc fished around in one of its storage compartments and presented a lollipop to the patient.

...oh yeah, yeah!

The Autodoc hovered back to the middle of the room and began spinning around, waving its various arms up and down.

MMMbop tick a ta ba do ba
dubi da ba do-
PROXIMITY WARN-"Oh it's you." The Doc's arms drooped guiltily.

Justice the service robot stood framed in the doorway, duster in hand."You could dance the angels from the heavens sir." The robot shuffled in with a faint whirring noise and began dusting around the delicate instruments and medications. The Autodoc spinned to watch the robot as it worked.
"Your choice of music is rather...interesting, Mr VaulTek," came Justice's attempt at small talk as he began dusting the Autodoc itself.
"You don't need to call me that anymore!" The Doc chirped out mechanically. "I've been working on a nickname." Justice paused his dusting momentarily.
"Is that so sir?" He replied blandly. "And what would that name be?"
The Autodoc gave a little trill. "Dr Miracle!" Two little operative arms shot up, almost excitedly. "STAT!" Justice placed his duster within his coat and turned towards the exit. "Very good sir."
The Autodoc watched the robot leave with a little mechanical shrug.
tick a ta ba doo...
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Re: Perspectives: Favorite Room (Aug '08)

Postby Visavis » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:01 am

Roguish1: Returning the Favour
"Hi-eee!" a sharp voice barked out.

"YAAAAAAAH!" The chorus of young voices responded, their movements fluid and symmetrical. The tall, black-clad brunette walked over to a little girl and corrected her posture, then barked the command again. Again, the voices responded and their movements changed, frozen in segundo-guardia postion--well, if they were using weapons, it would have been segundo-guardia.

They were, in fact, studying martial arts.

Tegan Morris studied the faces and postures of the students with a critical eye. That same little girl--Tanya--she still wasn't getting it. And Tanya seemed to know it. She frowned slightly and tried to correct her position. Tegan walked, hands behind her and called again. Again every student responded correctly.

Except Tanya.

Taking up a position behind the little girl, Tegan spoke as if she were a drill sergant. "What. Is the definition of courage?"

"Knowing when to walk away, Ma'am!" the chorus responded.



"What. Is the definition of meekness?"

"Strength under control, Ma'am!"


All the students pushed their fist forward, out to the sides, lowered them to their hips, then, putting right fist to left palm, bowed. It was an impressive enough sight. "Dismissed. Good work today, guys."

"Thanks, Miss Tegan!" a couple of the kids quipped as they grabbed their things. Most of the kids hurried from the small dojo to the porters, eager to get home and tell their parents all about the upcoming tournament. Some dallied and Tegan was certain she knew why. She kept an eye on those ones...

Then, there was Tanya. She had collapsed into lotus postion on the floor and buried her face in her small hands, crying. Tegan smiled softly. Kneeling next to the girl, she folded her hands in her lap and spoke quietly, "Hey, Tanya, what's wrong?"

Her words were punctuated by small sniffs and sobs, "I can't seem to get it, Miss Tegan. I practice and I try...but..." her little voice trailed off into sniffles and tears.

Tegan frowned, then wrapped her arms around her student. "Hey, it's okay. You're doing fine. Just a few tweaks here and there. I wasn't perfect when I was first starting. Heck, I'm still not perfect! Far from it!"

"B-but...y-you won the championship..." the girl blubbered.

"True," Tegan responded. "But, that simply meant I knocked over the other guy." She smiled to the little girl.

"I'll never win a competition," Tanya sighed, her little shoulders sagging.

Tegan laughed, "Well, not with that attitude, you won't!"

Tanya just looked up at her.

Tegan's blue eyes sparkled and she smiled. "Do you want to win a competition?" The little girl nodded. "How badly do you want it?" The girl frowned slightly and thought, then shrugged. "Then you'll never win one." The girl blinked. Tegan smiled and continued, "It doesn't matter how good you are. It matters where your heart's at. I won the one championship I ever participated in because I wanted it bad. I wanted to prove to the guys that a girl could be just as good. I wanted to prove to my dad that he'd done right by me. I wanted to prove to myself that I had what it took...I wanted it."

The little girl's eyes began to twinkle and a smile began to crease her tear-stained face. "Miss Tegan?"

"Yes, Tanja?"

"...w-would you send me to the tournament?"

"Do you want to go?" Tanya nodded. "Sure. I'll send you. But, you're going to have to prove to me that you want it."

"Oh, I will, Miss Tegan! I promise!" The little girl bounced to her feet and hugged Tegan tightly around her neck. "You'll be real proud of me!"

Tegan watched as Tanya grabbed up her things and ran from the Citadel, a new spark in her eyes and in her heart. As she heard the zap of the porter returning the child to the outdoors, Tegan smiled slightly, "...I already am proud of you, Tanya...and I know you'll win."

"...and I'm proud of you..." an all-too familiar voice came from behind her. Tegan turned around and smiled.

"Thanks, Beam. I'm proud of me, too...I've come a long way and I owe it to you. Thanks for giving me...what, five million chances?"

Beam chuckled. "No problem, kid. No problem."
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Re: Perspectives: Favorite Room (Aug '08)

Postby Visavis » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:02 am

(Call this one fashionably late, my mind has been wandering all day and I found this topic to give it a place to go.)

The lighting in the Citadel had been dimmed for the night, she wasn't really sure why they did that. There were several members who didn't sleep and its not like the rest kept terribly regular schedules, night time was the traditional period where most crime took place after all.

She drifted through the darkened hallways aimlessly, anyone passing through might have caught a glimpse of an obviously alien creature as she floated along in her Nova form with her tails swaying gently. Generally when dealing with her friends she tried to remain as human as possible, they were just more comfortable with the Kit they knew than the Radiant they didn't. Still, Radiant was half of who she was now and it felt good to be able to stretch her legs... so to speak.

Drifting into the lounge outside of her office she took a moment to just look around. It was a simple room, dominated by a small tree in one corner with a low table and a couch backed by some potted plants. Occasionally friends and fellow Recips would use this space when they needed a quiet corner or wanted to talk to her. She let her tails trail across the cushions of the couch before floating into her office. Her office was a quiet amalgam of past and present, the walls were covered in cabinets and shelving containing the accumulated files of a year and a half working with the Reciprocators. Almost every major criminal organization in Paragon had some sort of representation in those files, though they were dominated by the Nemesis Army, Crey Industries and The Council, in that order. The doorway had the defiant fist emblazoned on the floor and if someone were to go looking they would find small dragon emblems carved into the corners of her cabinet doors. Lighting was provided by lamps modeled in an asian style and next to her desk stood an empty sword rack.

The sight of the empty daisho stand filled her with a deep sadness for a moment before she drifted over to her chair and curled herself into it comfortably. Most people had no idea how comfortable a nice chair could be if you could arrange yourself into it just right. Of course most people couldn't shapeshift into a form that didn't have bones.

Warbling quietly to herself at the thought Radiant let her mind wander until she dozed off curled up in her office.

(Note: This is supposed to take place before Kit leaves for Japan, hence the lack of swords.)
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