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Postby Tanklet » Tue May 07, 2013 9:16 pm

So, after lots and lots of thinking, I finally came up with a concept that's a rework from CoH. I know I talked about Sonja (my ex-assassin) or Kat (my Earth troller), but in wanting to ease into the RP after a 5 month hiatus o.o I decided that having a damage dealing earthquake shaker was probably not the best to start. Also, I can play a Sonja personality in my sleep ... and thought why not try for a character that was less played. I present "Lil Tyke"

The Original
In CoH Lil Tyke was a powerful psionic, considered a threat and marked for death at a young age. One of the assassins (guess who), went rogue and saved her life rather than take it. Lil Tyke only reached somewhere between the age of 10-12

The Nouveau
Cassie Blake is a 21 year old senior at the State University of Delaware - Advent City Campus, finishing up her degree in journalism while interning at one of the local news channels (to be named & wiki'd later). The station has already interviewed her for a permanent position once she graduates, and Cassie plans to go apartment hunting a few months following graduation.

After the death of her parents, aunts and uncles from both sides banded together to raise her. No one knows how Cassie survived. Some call it a miracle. Cassie knows different ... but that's a secret she keeps to herself .. for now.

Her powers are narrowed down. Instead of being 'zomg psionic' she can generate telekinetic shields, and illusions. The illusions are basically the psionic equivalent of making the mind see what's not there, or not see what is there. The illusions are all dependent on the subject's susceptibility to mental manipulation. It's the most readily accessible part of the brain - processing what it sees. In effect, she can tap into the part of the brain that controls vision.
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Re: Character Changelog

Postby Visavis » Wed May 08, 2013 4:54 am

Sean Casus was born in Kings Row, Paragon City, Rhode Island into a working class family. His powers emerged unusually early, but due to parental pressure, he largely hid them until he was already into adulthood. After being arrested and jailed due to witness testimony gone bad, he wound up in the Isles, where he worked for Arachnos, at first out of a need for money to survive, and then a sense of gratitude for helping him to get out of jail and strike back at heroes he felt had wrongly imprisoned him. They provided enough training for him to be useful. In time, he was again arrested, and this time offered a position within a group for reforming villains. On a lark, he accepted. Eventually, he came to regain his appreciation for heroes and Paragon City. Within the year, he joined the Reciprocators and has remained with the group since (barring unintended leave). He has a full-time position as a security guard.

Sean's powers allowed him to control a wide variety of natural energies. However, as he had no natural resistance to any of them, he was only ever able to use Kinetic energy particularly well. He used his abilities to heal himself and his allies, weaken the attacks of others, and increase the potential of his own, most frequently by greatly increasing the energy within the sound of his own voice.

Sean Casus was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania into a working class family. His powers emerged unusually early, leading his parents to seek guidance in handling their child's abilities, eventually leading him into a local program which taught him how not to harm others. At the age of 14, Sean was approached by a military recruiter about entering the early training program for the PROs. He accepted, and was subsequently relocated to attend the proper military school. It was there that he learned to take advantage of the more dangerous capabilities of his powers, as well as participating in other military training. At age 18, he, along with the rest of his team, began combat operations. He stayed with the PROs until age 26, when he voluntarily left military service. He relocated to Advent City to take a position for a security consulting company handling metahuman threats. Now about a year into his new career, he finds it "fuckin' boring."

neuSean's powers allowed him to control a wide variety of natural energies. While he is capable of defending himself against most natural types of energy, he is only able to regularly use kinetic energy offensively. He typically 'pulls' kinetic energy in order to form shockwaves of varying strengths, depending on his needs. With his training, he is capable of 'riding' and manipulating this force, to the point of moving at hypersonic speeds, environment allowing. Although capable of nullifying many types of attacks, this is dependent upon his preparedness. In the event of injury, he is often still able to use his powers to function at a high level. His recovery from injuries, however, occurs at an average rate for a very health adult male, barring outside help or harm.
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This place needs some cheese.

Postby Cipremmy » Wed May 15, 2013 6:29 am

Old Volt Tiger
For Lazy folks, the Cliff- notes version
  1. Legacy Character
  2. Was a self-styled urban vigilante named Steel Tyger for several years just because he's like that
  3. Met the Original Volt Tiger once or twice.
  4. Acquired Volt Tiger power during the Galaxy City Destruction
  5. Uses magical belt to transform into Volt Tiger
  6. Connected to ancient magical beast thing
  7. Super-Powered roars and electro-punches
  8. Special moves, yelling, TYGA BOLT!
  9. Also strong and fast and agile and whatnot
  10. Kick-ass magic motorcycle
New Volt Tiger

  • Legacy Character
  • Was the original Volt Tiger's Side-kick/Secondary Rider/Unwanted Hanger-on for several years because bad guys kilt his bro.
  • Gained Volt Tiger Powers after the Original Attempted to release the Raiju(quasi-sentient living storm) during the Great Fire and died.
  • Uses magical belt to transform into Volt Tiger
  • Connected to ancient magical beast thing (Raiju)
  • Super-Powered roars and electro-punches
  • Special moves, yelling, TYGA BOLT!
  • Also strong and fast and agile and whatnot
  • Kick-ass magic motorcycle
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Re: Character Changelog

Postby EikoMagami » Wed May 15, 2013 11:07 am

Top Ten Facts about Gravitas (aka April Nakatomi)

1) New Character unique to this universe
2) An autistic teenage technopath & shut-in; agoraphobic and paranoid; technology hoarder
3) Can only communicate with technology or through technology
4) Has FOUR robot friends: DadOS (a father figure), Bird (who steals food), Cat (who steals devices), & Dog (who defends the junk yard)
5) Lives within the Highlands Reclamation Area, arguably operated by subsidiaries of Synergy Industries.
6) can telekinetically manipulate technology at the subatomic level, but powers are limited to what she can research & study. She can't just whip anything up based on need. It can take hours, days, weeks, or months to figure out a problem.
7) Is terrified of direct human interaction, the authorities, and is incapable of trust.
8) Her parents are dead. They may have been murdered by someone within Synergy Industries.
9) She's lived alone since she was 6
10) Through her physical avatar, Gravitas, she acts within and interacts with the outside world as though she were playing an MMO. One can easily see how this might work but one should also be able to tell how it wouldn't work at all.

Miscellaneous clap trap:

That Gravitas is a hollow shell presenting itself as a man (social commentary?) piloted by a possibly autistic technopath from a distant location will be an ongoing secret. I don't wish for it to be known. Now, it is completely okay to notice some of the peculiar things that Gravitas says and does. For instance, how he stands in readiness in that slightly creepy standby movement dance that MMO characters often have. Or that Gravitas really only sounds smooth when he's affecting emotes but when is forced to speak, the voice is halting, broken, strangely accented.

If there's an empath, it's probably okay for them to speculate that Gravitas is not a man-in-a-can.

I might run a side-story along with participating in the main story. You'll see Gravitas's interactions but if you want, you can pop over to the side story to see things from April's point of view.
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