Under Suspicion

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Under Suspicion

Postby Static Bolter » Tue Apr 23, 2013 2:48 am

Originally posted by Yuki Frost: July 26th, 2009

((this is based on Mundane's wonderful Perspective piece that he did for me. You can read that here

Saturday July 25th. 5:35 pm.

*The television shows scenes in the streets of Founders Falls. A girl of no more than sixteen or seventeen wearing a uniform of blue of black is being escorted in the shot by Longbow. The Paragon Police department is all over the area. The girl has blood splattered on her face and in her oddly colored blue hair. Glowing eyes turn away from the camera as she is lead by. She seems to be in shock, not resisting the men who are leading her away.*
*A pretty woman holding a microphone talks into the camera*
"Patricia Thomas reporting live from Founders Fall where a local neighborhood was rocked by a grudge match that ended in bloodshed. Behind me you see the Reciprocator known as Yuki Frost being led away by Longbow. The youth was entertaining a group of children at a nearby daycare, as she often did."
"We are unclear at this time what started the violence, but only that it ended in death. Police will not release the identity of the man, only that he appears to be an Archon of the Council."
"We've been told by some of our contacts that Yuki was known for her war against the Council, and has made many arrests of key members of the organization. What could have caused her to take things to this extreme? Surely this is something that this neighborhood will likely never forget."
"Back to you Tom."
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Re: Under Suspicion

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Originally posted by Yuki Frost: July 26th, 2009

((This whole post was taken directly from Mundane's story.))

Saturday July 25th. 4:55 pm.

Yuki and John were completely surrounded. Yuki held her hands up high and caused ice crystals to shimmer around her fists. John swirled his cape around himself dramatically. The children laughed, tugging on their uniforms, as the crèche's carers smiled and watched on.
John checked the time on the wall clock and tapped Yuki. "Five minutes. Are you sure your information is correct?"
Yuki nodded. "He'll be here," she said grimly before smiling down at the children. John extracted himself without anyone noticing and stood by the door as Yuki said her goodbyes and the carers slowly herded the children out of the foyer and back to their play room. Before they had made it there were gunshots from outside. The children were startled, but still hyped up by the visit of two superheroes, and so they didn't cry. Instead they ran back to the foyer to see what was going to happen next, not realising it was a Council attack.
John patted Yuki on the shoulder. "I'll get the kids. You'll be all right?"
Yuki just nodded, her jaw clenched as the Penumbra approached their position. A bullet shattered one of the windows next to Yuki, causing her to flinch. Now the children started crying. John patted Yuki once more in support, then ran off to help the carers shepherd the children to safety.
"Get her!" the Archon yelled to his men. "Catch that bitch! But don't kill her - I want her alive!"
The Penumbra charged her. Yuki stared into the face of the Archon as he laughed. She tried to reign in her hate, to focus on the task at hand. Penumbra first. She checked for civilians, then cooled the air between her and the elite forces before sending sheets of ice crackling towards them. One of them swung a flamethrower through the air to counteract her attack, sending up a plume of vapour. The others reached for stun batons as they drew closer to her, partially obscured by the mist. Yuki readied herself.
"Harder! You're not punching me hard enough!"
"Shut up, Juno," Yuki whispered through gritted teeth.
"You don't look angry enough! They won't buy it!"
"You want me to look angry you son of a bitch? I am angry. It's taking every ounce of self-control I have not to kill you right now." Yuki punched the Archon in the face, hard. "You want harder?" She punched him again, ice forming on her fist. "Because if I start punching you harder, I don't know that I can stop."
The Archon said nothing. Yuki dragged him further down the alley, away from the main street, away from whatever remained of his crack troops, and threw him against a wall. There was barely any impact but she did it anyway. He punched her and threw her across the alley. Yuki growled and leapt for him, wrapping her hands around his throat. It was safer than punching him. If she punched him any more she was sure she would freeze him to death. This way ...
The Archon smiled. "That's ... that's better. That's my girl."
Yuki snarled and squeezed harder. And harder. And harder. She watched his smiling face slowly turn to a look of concern, and then fear as he stared into the hatred in her eyes. She released her grip only to punch him, hard, and then reached to his belt, unclipping his gun ...
Yuki looked down at the body of Archon de Winter. Blood pooled under his head. It formed rivulets in the cracks of the roadway underneath him. He was dead. Yuki looked at his face, contorted in the remnants of fear, his eyes empty. She looked at the hole in his head. She looked at the gun in her hand. She heard shouts, but didn't look up. She stared at Archon de Winter, dead on the ground at her feet, as the PPD arrived. They weren't sure what to do. They called for her to throw down the gun. At some point she did, while staring at the face of Archon de Winter.
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Re: Under Suspicion

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Originally posted by Yuki Frost: July 26th, 2009

Saturday July 25th. 2:30 pm.
"Good day heroes. How are we all doing?" John's voice sounded over the comms.
"Hello John."
Yuki jumped at the idea that formed in her head. John would be perfect for what she was planning.
"Actually, you have a great sense of timing. Are you free?"
"I sure am," he replied his voice upbeat as usual.
She saw him in the Citadel not long afterwards. She took in a breath and approached him.
"I could use your help."
"Always glad to help. What can I do?" His voice still carried the typical Mundane upbeatness to it. This was going to make the next part harder. Having to lie to him would be tough. Hopefully after she was able to take DeWinter into custody she could get John to forgive her.
She paused and chose her words carefully.
"There is a certain Archon, that I have been in contact with. Someone I know from my past. He fed me some information because he wanted my help with something. Well we couldn't come to any real arrangement so now he isn't too happy with me." She paused to gauge John's reactions.
"Okay, so what do we need to do?", he answered without a single question. This surprisingly made it even harder for Yuki.
"Well, you know that daycare that I make appearances at from time to time?"
John nodded "I do indeed. A very worthy use of your time. The kids love it."
"Well... He has 'Called me out' so to speak. If I don't show up there, he has threatened the place. I can't bring the usual army of black and blue with me. It's something I really need to do myself. What I would like for you to do, is to stay inside and keep the kids and caretakers safe. I can handle DeWinter on my own."
"Yeah, that I can certainly do. I like to think I have a calming influence on the little 'uns."
Yuki smiled at him. "I thought the same thing, that's why I am glad you showed up when you did."
John had a twinkle in his eye "Fortuitous indeed."
They made plans before heading out.
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Re: Under Suspicion

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Originally posted by Yuki Frost: July 26th, 2009

May 23rd - Early Morning.

Yuki didn't return home until early the next morning. She had skipped patrol to try to get her head on straight. This whole thing with DeWinter had affected her emotions like a roller coaster.
She unlocked the door to the apartment she resided in with Beth. It belonged to the Black Starbeam, but he only kept a room there. He hardly ever made an actual appearance.
She let out a sigh and closed the door behind her as she started to pull of the fur lined gloves of her Reciprocator uniform. She was so engrossed in her own thoughts that she didn't even notice Beth sitting on the couch and watching her. It was Beth's voice that finally got her attention.
"Well how did it go?" Beth was hardly able to contain her concern. She, along with Beam, was Yuki's guardian, but wasn't the type to wait up on her. She trusted Yuki's judgment, and knew that being a licensed hero meant keeping many long hours. This time was different. She was worried about Yuki.
Yuki stared back at Beth almost like a deer in headlights. She took a moment to organize her thoughts and then did something she'd never thought she'd ever do. She flat out lied to Beth.
"We couldn't come to any agreement. I didn't want any part of what he wanted. So I walked away from him." She kept her eyes steady on Beth although she couldn't bear to look at her. She felt disgusted by herself. She knew it had to be done though. Nobody could know what she was about to do. DeWinter's life was at stake, as well as Karen's.
Beth tried not to sound relieved, "Oh thank goodness." She failed at keeping it from her voice though. She was quite relieved that Yuki had come back in one piece. She was also relieved that this could mean the end of her dealings with DeWinter. She could see Yuki was troubled though.
"Are you alright, dear?"
"I'm fine Beth, I just need some sleep. That's all"
Beth looked her over then agreed. "You look like you could use it."
Yuki turned and headed toward her bedroom, but then stopped at the entrance to the hallway. She stopped and turn to look back to Beth. She swallowed hard and said "I'm sorry, Beth."
Beth looked surprised, "For what, dear?"
"For... keeping you waiting. For making you worry."
Beth stood up and crossed the room to her and put a hand on her shoulder. "Hey, no... don't worry about it. I just got home myself. Go get some sleep."
Yuki nodded, and turned to walk away from her. She couldn't be near Beth right now. She just felt too guilty.
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Re: Under Suspicion

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Originally posted by Yuki Frost: July 26th, 2009

May 22nd - Late night

Yuki stood on the top of the college again trying to steel herself for the meeting. She had decided she would listen to what he had to say. She still didn't trust him though, but she figured that she owed it to him to hear him out.
She turned as she heard the access door to the roof open. She let her eyes fall on his familiar face only briefly before turning away. "DeWinter."
"Frost." He replied.
"I'm ready to listen", she said to him evenly, not wanting to give any hint at her real emotions. She didn't want him to be able to detect any of the conflicting emotions. She didn't or that she was starting to warm up to him, even if only slightly.
DeWinter decided to go for the direct approach not wanting to draw this out any longer.
"To put it simply, Yuki, I want out."
This did catch her by surprise. She turned to look at him, her glowing eyes studying him. "Pardon?"
"I want to leave the Council."
She was still stunned by this. She didn't want him to know this though, so made her face a blank slate again. "What does this have to do with me? You want out, leave." She punctuated the statement with a shrug.
DeWinter placed a hand on her shoulder and turned her so she was again looking directly at her. "You know you don't just leave the Council. I have my daughter to think about. You remember Karen don't you?"
The look on Yuki's face was enough to tell him that she obviously did. How could she not remember. She was often Yuki's babysitter when she was younger. She had always worshiped the ground that Karen walked on. She finally nodded at him gravely.
"The Council is well aware of my family ties as well. If I simply tried to walk out, her life would be in danger. I know a lot about the inner workings of their operations. I'm too high up for them to just let me go."
She was finally really ready to listen to him now. "So what do you plan on doing, then?"
"I want you to arrest me." Again, he decided to go with the blunt approach.
"What? Right now?" She was confused.
"No. That wouldn't work. It needs to be in public. People have to believe that you brought me down. Unless the Council is convinced that everything is legitimate. Karen..." He could hardly bring himself to finish the thought.
"I'll do it."
It was his turn to be surprised. He didn't think she would give in so willingly.
"But," she added, "know that I am doing this for Karen. Not for you."
That stung him. Obviously forgiveness would be a long time coming for him. He was prepared to accept that. He had to because she knew that right now, she was his only hope.
"Yuki. About your father..." He suddenly felt the need to pour his heart out to her. He had been carrying a lot of guilt inside since Yuki's accident. He felt the blood of her father's death on his hands. If he had never lured Jordan to join him in the Council, he might still be alive today.
"Save it." She cut him off angrily. She couldn't deal with this right now. She couldn't take any confessions, or anything that he had to offer right now.
He nodded defeated to her. "Alright."
"In three days I'll be at the Mother Goose Day Care center in Kings Row. I'll excuse myself and we'll swoop out to fight with you. If you or any of your men lay one foot inside of that building so help me God, I'll make you wish you'd never been born, DeWinter." She paused to look at him to confirm that he understood. "Bring a few troops with you and we'll make short work of them. We'll have an epic battle then we can arrest you."
"No. You can arrest me. You are the only one that I will trust with this, Yuki. If I see a bunch of Blue and Black, then I am gone. I trust you, but not your teammates." He looked at her seriously.
She stared back at him. "Fine. Saturday afternoon. Five pm. This will be your only chance, DeWinter. Don't make me wait."
With that she flicked on her flight belt and flew off as quick as she could, leaving him to watch her go.

May 22nd - Late evening

The raid had been a complete success. Everything that DeWinter had promised was exactly where he said it would be. Every detail down to the letter was right. So why did she feel so bad. She peeled off her uniform in the privacy of her office. Her thoughts were all a jumble.
There was a soft knock at her door. "Are you decent, dear?" The voice was Beth's. She pulled on her shirt as she answered.
"Sure come on in."
Beth entered her office and without saying a word pulled her into a tight hug. Yuki didn't have to say anything to her, for her to know that everything wasn't alright with her. She seemed to always know when Yuki needed her. "You okay?"
Yuki's gave a soft sigh and replied after a moment of trying to compose herself "Yes and no." Bolter said nothing letting Yuki gather her thoughts.
When she was ready, Yuki finally continued. "Is it weird that part of me really wanted this to be a trap?"
Bolter released her from the hug to lean back and study her face for a moment, "No..." then added with a smile "well, only a little. It's a hard situation."
Yuki nodded somberly at her.
"Do you want someone with you when you look at the stuff we got?", she tried to add helpfully.
"I'll probably get Jess to help me. Likely I won't understand most of it, " relied Yuki.
"Want cake when you look through it? I could organize cake." Beth added with a weak smile. She could tell the girl was down in the dumps and hoped a little humor might help thing.
Her plan succeeded and Yuki flashed her a half-smile. "Cake might be nice"
A minute or so passed in silence between them before Yuki spoke again. "Beth. I guess I am going to see what Uncle Jun... what DeWinter wants from me."
This made Beth frown, she wasn't crazy about this news. She didn't trust this Archon DeWinter at all. "Well, he's already got an awful lot out of all of us. That was a lot of hoops he had us jump through."
Yuki shook her head, because she knew this wasn't the case. "That was all for me. He knew I'd be frothing at the mouth to hit those targets."
"Uhm. I'm... I could use a bath. I'm ...gonna head home for now. ..." The voice was Cyberette's over the comms.
Yuki reached up and hit her comm to answer. "Alrighty Jess. I might need your help later."
Beth touched her comm as well to answer her, "Hmm? Wait....did you do it like the astronauts?" Cyberette had mentioned having to use the bathroom very badly at the end of their raid. She then had went on to explain how hard the suit was going to be to get off. She had jokingly suggested she just 'Go like an astronaut in the suit'
Ani had been in the middle of replying to Cyberette "Okay, Jess--Beth!" The sound of eir laughter filled the comm.
There was a slight silence on the Comm. "What, I was just asking", Beth added to break the silence. She looked at Yuki and blushed slightly with a jitter.
Finally Jess answered her on the comm "Not funny." Her voice was dry.
Yuki leaned against her snickering, listening to the comms. "That was awful. Funny but awful". She didn't broadcast that over the comms.
Beth wasn't quite done yet, "I didn--you did, didn't you." She broadcast this getting snickers from different people who had been listening.
"NO!" Cyberette said quickly.
Beth twitched a bit and asked Yuki, "Oh dear. Do you think she's mad?"
Yuki shook her head "Nah, I tease her a lot worse than that."
There was a long pause while the two finished laughing about the conversation. Yuki could just imagine the look an Cyberette's face as she had said no. That was enough to send her to giggling again.
The laughter eventually subsided though and Yuki's mind drifted back to what they had been talking about."If this all had been a trap though. I could keep on hating him. I still do to some point. If it hadn't been for him..." She trailed off turning her head away from Beth, her jaw tightening.
"It's hard. He's been a big part of your life. I'm sure he never meant for things to turn out this way." Seeing Yuki's nod she continued cautiously, "Neither did your dad."
Beth's words hit close, and Yuki could feel tears starting to crawl across her cheek. She made a futile attempt to wipe at them before speaking again. "Were you ever able to forgive your father?"
The question was unexpected. Beth had to force her face to remain calm, something that took quite a bit of effort "no. Nor myself." That was still a very tender spot in her emotions.
"So its okay, that I haven't been able to do either yet?", Yuki asked her in a small voice.
Beth smiled warmly at her "Yeah, it's okay." She added, "You should though."
"Perhaps. I'm not sure if I'm ready to yet."
There was a comfortable silence between the two of them as Yuki tried wiping her own tears away again. This proved difficult as some of them had already frozen to her face.
"I don't know where I'd be without the Cips. Also without you and Beam, specifically. I think without you guys, I'd be lost out there somewhere." She had meant exactly what she said. The last year would have been impossible for her to have survived if she hadn't have been with the Cips.
Static Bolter gave Yuki another tingly hug, sniffling a little. "I'm glad to have you too, dear. You're like....well, you're family."

May 17th - Late night.

Yuki Frost stood waiting, her glowing eyes searching over the college campus in Salamanca below her. She was atop college's main building, waiting. She pushed her glove up exposing the watch she had hidden below it to glance at the time. He had 2 more minutes before she was going to leave. Past relationship or not, she did not want to be here.
She stood there counting off the seconds with her watch as she heard the door open behind her. She swallowed hard not, most of the false hope she had that she'd be able to stay brave faded. She took in a slight breath to try to hold on to some of her bravado. Hoping she could conjure enough to face the man she knew stood behind her.
She finally, found the strength to turn and look upon the face of the man she was expecting, Archon Juno DeWinter. His hair was grayer than she remembered. The lines on his face that hinted at his age seemed much deeper. He had a careworn look about him. The confidence that she'd remembered him always showing as a little girl, was nowhere to be found.
"Hello, Snowflake", DeWinter said to her, a warm smile crossing his face.
"Don't you DARE ever call me that again! You've lost all rights to that name!", she spat at him through clenched teeth. She was unable to keep her anger at bay. That was always his special nickname for her. It was something he had called her long before she ever even gained her powers. As a play on her name Yuki, which of course is Japanese for snow.
The man looked for a moment as if he'd stabbed him in the stomach. He quickly erased it though and nodded. "Fair enough."
Yuki wanted away from him, and wanted away from him now. Her mind was a flutter of anger, confusion, and even a bit of sadness creeping in. She couldn't help remember the man she remembered. The man that was her "uncle" before she'd know what he really was. "What do you want, DeWinter."
He regarded her for a moment with his brown eyes before speaking.
"To be put frankly, Yuki, I need your help."
She was unable to hide the shock from her face. The audacity of this man was beyond belief!
She laughed a humorless laugh at him. "You need my help? I'm supposed to care, why?"
DeWinter's face didn't change at all. He expected this sort of reaction from her.
"I'd like to say, it would be because of the history we once shared, but I'm sure that's not enough now. I know after everything that has happened, you have no reason to trust me. I don't expect you to help me for free. So here is what I propose."
He held a plain looking, sealed manila envelope out to her. She looked at it curiously, but didn't move to take it from him, trying to keep her face registering disinterest.
"It has some good intelligence, on some Council targets. Do with it what you will. Also I have some information about a mutual acquaintance of ours. Archon Davis."
She was unable to hide her interest at the mention of his name. "Go on", she urged.
"He is already planning is escape from the Zig. The higher ups are still interested in him, despite the failures you've caused him. Though I am thinking that patience would be severely tried. Especially if someone were to keep him in prison..."
She snatched the envelope from him. "Fine. I'll see if this information is useful to me. If, and only IF, there is anything I care about in her, will I talk to you about any further dealings. Don't hold your breath though. Any ties we once had are gone now. Remember that." With that she reached down and flicked her flight belt and was gone into the night air.
He watched her go, his heart aching slightly. He wondered if after all of this was over with, if he would ever be able to mend things with her. Her father was like a brother to him, and she was family to him. Perhaps with time he could make her understand that he'd never intended for everything to happen the way it did. It the coming weeks, assuming she agreed to help him, he could win her back over. He gave another glance around before going inside again, with a sigh.
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Re: Under Suspicion

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Originally posted by Yuki Frost: July 27th, 2009

Saturday July 25th. 6:13 pm.

Detective Maxwell Crowe saw the girl when the brought her in. He had never met her before, but knew of her. She was a Reciprocator. A group that he was familiar with. Sometimes they did things harder than some of the higher ups would like, but they got results. He had the pleasure of working briefly with one of the founding leaders the Black Starbeam during his stint working for the Kings Row division of the PPD. That was before he joined with Bright Wolf.
Maxwell was what the PPD referred to as Awakened, sort of. Most of the Awakened branch were carefully screened and selected to take part of the program. Bright Wolf on the other hand found him. This of course irked many of the people that were part of the Awakened Branch. Hell, he almost got booted from the force.
Luckily, he had some friends and high places who pulled for him and he kept his job. He was even promoted to Detective. This gives him more freedom than many of the Awakened PPD. So naturally they don't get along well with him.
Despite his good track record he seemed to not get along with many of his peers and supervisors on the force. The whole "Aliens are bad!" paranoia. He supposes there is something to that. The Rikti that seem to constantly harass the city might make anyone think that way.
The girl's name was Yuki Frost, at least thats what he heard one of the longbow that escorted her in call her. She looked, well like a tiny pitiful thing. She was covered in blood and shivering. They marched her right past him. Her glowing eyes looked straight ahead not really seeming to focus on anyone. She was in trauma, anyone with training would be able to see that.
He tried to get closer to get information, but he was shut down quick. So he watched things unfold from a distance for the time being. He saw the girl led to one of the interrogation rooms. Odder still was the snarky looking man wearing a dark suit that followed the two detectives in that would be questioning her.
He tapped one of his fellow officers on the shoulder and asked him, "Who's the suit?"
The officer glanced at the way Crowe had indicated and said "Some Councillor. Brennon... no Brenning. Yeah thats it."
Crowe spit out the toothpick he had been holding in his mouth, "Looks like a prick."

Saturday July 26th. 1:08 pm.

For the first time in since the accident with her powers Yuki felt cold. So cold in fact she couldn't stop shivering. Her arms and legs felt stiff and ached.
All of the frost that she used to make her hair the bright blue color had long since melted and her hair was matted. Her face was sticky from the blood that she was never even allowed to wash from her face.
In the back of her mind she knew all of this was wrong. Akechi had made sure to school all of the Tiers in their rights under Rhode Island Law. The officers got an even deeper education. Unfortunately the rational part of her mind was nowhere to be found.
Some man in a suit had immediately started shouting at her as soon as she was sat down at the bare table. She couldn't remember much of what was said or even what he had said his name was. It was all she could do to squeak out "I want a lawyer."
Questioning had been held up until an attorney could be brought for her. She tried to answer the two detectives' questions as truthfully as she could. That wasn't enough to satisfy the man in the dark suit. No matter what she had to say he just got angrier and yelled at her even more.
Eventually, that caused a huge argument between her attorney, the detectives, and the man in the suit. Yuki just watched all of this with her arms wrapped around her. She felt as if she was watching some drama in another language. Nothing the men were saying made sense anymore.
Every time she closed her eyes, she saw the lifeless eyes of DeWinter looking up at her. He had relied on her, trusted her to get him out safely. To help ensure that Karen would be safe from harm. She had failed.
The men asked her more questions but she was beyond answering them at this point.
Finally the man in the suit stormed out with one of the detectives following him.
"Yuki," her lawyer said slowly to her as he leaned down eye level with her "I am going to make some calls. Do not under any circumstances answer any more questions until I return. Do you understand."
She stared at him blankly for a moment, but then nodded.
The lawyer pointed at the detective remaining in the room. "In fact, if you would. Why don't you show me somewhere quiet that I can make my calls."
"Fine," the obviously tired man answered.

Saturday July 26th. 2:00 pm.

Detective Crowe had been hanging out near the interrogation room. He looked away disinterestedly as Councillor Brenning and Detective Johnson came out of the room. He saw them head straight for the door. Grabbing his hat, he rose from the bench he had been occupying and followed them.
He saw followed them for a block and saw them go down an alley. When he neared where they disappeared he heard a raised voice.
"-- You just do your fucking job, Johnson. You don't want to make HER angry now do you?"
Johnson shook his head and swallowed. "There's rules that have to be followed. Established protoco..."
Brenning cut him off by putting a hand around his throat. "She doesn't expect excuses. She expects results. Understand?"
Crowe decided to take this time to clear his throat. Wolf surged inside of him causing his eyes to glow. The two men jumped.
"Problem, gentlemen?"
Brenning sneered at him. "No, no problem. Detective Johnson was just about to escort me to my car."
"This way, Councillor." Johnson managed to stammer out and walked away.
He watched them walk away and said to Wolf "Yeah, this stinks."
Wolf agreed with him.
"Let's go shake things up then."
Crowe returned to the station and went to the interrogation area with one of the on duty female officers that he grabbed on his way back. As he approached the two longbow that were stationed outside the door tried to stop him.
"I'm taking the girl to get washed up. Got an issue with that?" His eyes glowed as he felt Wolf's power gather within him. It was a gamble as Longbow weren't as easily to shake up given the crap they deal with. Still it was enough to make them not argue.
The female officer took Yuki to the bathroom and let wash her face and change out of her uniform's top to a grey PPD shirt. He could tell when she emerged from cleaning up that she felt more human again.
He gave her a smile and led her back to the interrogation room, Detective Johnson and Detective Fredricks were waiting. He could tell that Johnson was pissed. He couldn't care less.
Johnson snarled at him, "That's my witness, Crowe. You have no right.."
"Evidently neither does she. What the hell are you doing, Jonhson? " Crowe stared directly at him. Seeing Johnson start to stammer, "Is she a suspect or a witness?"
"She's a person of interest" Johnson retorted.
"She must be quite interesting as long as you've been squeezing her. You know as well as I do, unless you want to formally charge her with something, you'd better let her go."
"Crowe, the chief is going to hear about this!"
"I know. I'm going to call him as soon as I send this girl on her way."
"Fine." Johnson knew he didn't have a leg to stand on any more. He could tell by the way Fredricks was looking at him that he wasn't going to be any help.
"Don't go anywhere Daniels. You should make yourself available should we have any more questions. Oh," this he added with a sour look "your hero license is temporarily suspended. Councillor Brenning has seen to that."
Yuki just nodded tiredly at him.
"C'mon, kid." He said leading her away.
He pulled out his cell phone and searched out a number. Detective Timothy Xavier, who was a meta human cop that worked out of Brickstown. If he remembered right Tim, or Tex as everyone usually called him, had a supergroup the League of Misfits. He also knew having done a bit of research while waiting that the League of Misfits had ties to the Reciprocators.
"Hey Tex. Sorry to call you out of the blue like this, but I got something for you. Can you meet me at the Founders PPD station, asap? Thanks."
After the conversation Yuki looked up at him finally and said softly "Thank you Mr... " she grasped for his name.
"Detective Maxwell Crowe." He took out his card and handed it to her.
"Thank you Detective Crowe."
"Don't sweat it, none."
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Re: Under Suspicion

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Originally posted by Yuki Frost: July 31st, 2009

Tuesday July 28th. 10:22 am.

Ani sat at Yuki's desk typing away frantically at her computer. As the other Reciprocators had been explaining to em everything that had been going on with the group. E thought it might be best to move all eir assets to the Rouge Islands for the time being. Luckily e had a contingency plan for just such a thing.
Yuki stood next to the doorway and let em work in peace. Her glowing eyes looked towards the back wall of her office to give em privacy. She was glad e wanted to use a computer that way she could talk to em away from everyone else. What she felt she needed right now was to talk to someone who was both nonjudgmental and at times brutally honest. She tugged at the baggy grey tshirt she was wearing. She made a face because it was starting to smell ripe.
She waited until Ani seemed satisfied that all eir assets safe before speaking. Before she was able to even get anything out of her mouth e brought the subject of her arrest up.
"I...I want to ask, but...I don't know if you want to get back over there, or even talk about it." E waited a moment for her to reply adding as e gestured to the keyboard, "Should I shut this down or leave it?"
"I guess shut it down", she answered. E nodded and did so.
She took in a long breath then continued, "I don't know what happened, Ani. Everyone here tries to keep convincing me I didn't do it." She shook her head. "I just don't remember though. Everything was a blur." She looked at em. E looked back his face considered her. The look was not harsh, but more of someone who was trying to take in all the details.
E finally spoke deciding e to try to coax more information of the event out of her. "How did he die?"
Her eyes were looking down at her boots when she answered. "Shot in the head. When they found me I was holding his gun." The image of the man she used to call uncle played in her mind again. She wrapped her arms around to hug herself and she gave a slight shiver.
Ani grimaced, this wasn't good. The cops would have strong reason to continue investigating her. She was quite lucky they hadn't slapped a charge on her already. E offered "Could it have been an accident?..I mean, you almost sound like you doubt..."
She cut him off. "At one point I had my hands around his neck, Ani. He was saying things, trying to piss me off." Her eyes had looked up to look into eirs, she had a self disgusted look on her face at this point "I was pissed."
She bit her bottom lip and finally added her eyes looking away from eirs "I want to believe I didn't do it, but I cant remember NOT doing it..."
Androgyne nodded slightly to indicate e was starting to understand what she was getting at.
Her words were starting to run together as she continued. She rambled, "That one detective... he thinks I did it. Everyone here says I couldn't have..." She seemed like she could have went on, but was clearly getting more and more upset and talking herself into a corner with her jumbled thoughts.
"You just have people telling what you did or didn't do, who weren't even there." E said this hoping to give the girl an anchor to focus on. It was obvious she was in danger of drowning herself in her words.
Yuki took a deep breathed, grateful to have eir clarification of what she was trying to say.
After a moment she continued. "It wasn't supposed to happen like that." Her eyes grew cold "Part of me cared for him still a little, but I did hate him."
That set off something in eir mind. E didn't even need the eir connection to Yuki's thread to latch onto that. E asked cautiously, "What was supposed to happen?"
She shifted her stance a bit, that made it obvious that she was shying away from something. "I wanted to bring him in."
E looked at her knowing full well that wasn't the full story. E decided to try things from a different angle. "what did he say?...what could he have said?"
She fidgeted, "Just taunting me... the sort of way only he would know how to."
E rubbed his arms as if perhaps e was starting to get cold. Eir eyes studied her intently, critically. Eir gaze this time was not in the concerned siblingly manner e had in the past. E seemed to be assessing her.
The silence hung in the air between the two. Ani was the first to break it. "Everyone has their line."
Yuki looked at em for a moment then stood up straight from where she had been leaning against the wall of her office.
"Thanks." She said this suddenly giving no indication of the meaning behind her words.
Ani shook eir head slightly, brow furrowing as if e doesn't understand, but nodded silently when she stood. "Yeah, let's head back."
Yuki seeing eir confusion explained, "I feel like you are the only one I could have been that honest with. The others would either judge, or try to convince me further that I didn't do it. Sometimes that's not what you need when you are trying to get your head on straight."
Androgyne nodded a little, offering a faint, and faintly queasy, smile.
Yuki Frost made a face to show she was attempting to make a joke, "If I get convicted will you bring me a cake with a file in it?"
E quirked eir brow a bit "Yeah, I know a guy. Good with cakes."

((I tried to use the Spivak pronouns. My apologies if any gender specific pronouns got through when referring to Ani.))

Wednesday July 29th. 7:30am.

Yuki dug in the top of one of the closets in her father's bedroom. This was one of the few rooms that Yuki hadn't had the stomach to finish going through. Even though Jess and Beth had been helping her sporadically go through the house, it was a big house and she had been saving this room for last.
After poking around for a bit she found what she was looking for on the top shelf, a Glock 9mm and a box of bullets. She held the gun in her hands. It had been a while, but the feel of the particular gun wasn't unfamiliar to her. Uncle Juno had bought it for her father, and wanted badly for her to learn how to use it. Her father hadn't been too keen on the idea, but Juno had talked him into it.
She took the gun outside to her back yard. She lived far enough outside of the city limits and on a big enough lot of land that she could shoot outside of here, without anyone thinking much about it. She knew for a fact there were a few popular hunting spots not far from her house.
She set up a few bottles on some stumps away from where she had left the gun. She walked across the yard and picked up the empty magazine and carefully loaded it with bullets from the box. She clipped the magazine into the gun and took the safety off, inspecting it to make sure it was ready as best she remembered how.
She leveled the gun and took aim. She brought the sights of the gun down on the first bottle on the left, a big clear one. Licking her lips she squeezed the trigger. The gun fired, missing its target a good ways to the left. She had forgotten the recoil such a gun had. She will ill prepared and thought the gun was going to come up and slap her in the face.
She stood there taking deep breaths, as the sound echoed in her mind. Instantly she saw the face of Archon DeWinter lying on the ground in front of her and bleeding. His lifeless eyes looking up at her with shock.
She wasn't sure how long she'd been standing there when she spotted Ani running down to her as e was trying to get eir pants zipped up. She felt bad as she'd forgotten he was sleeping in one of her spare rooms.
Eir hands were glowing as e looked around. E let the light fade as e saw it was her holding the gun.
"Yuki! What the hell! You almost gave me a fucking heart attack!"
She lowered the gun and looked at em. "I'm sorry Ani. I just had a thought, and wanted to try something."
Ani studied her for a moment. Eir eyes went down to the gun in her hands and nodded a bit. E didn't know exactly what the girl was thinking, but e had a pretty good idea. He just nodded and took a few steps behind her taking a moment to squint up at the morning sun.
Yuki raised the gun a bit and took aim at the offending bottle she had missed the first time. She anticipated the recoil this time as she pulled the trigger. Her aim was still a bit off.
"Don't flinch Yuki, don't be scared of the gun" The voice was Juno DeWinter's. It was a memory from when he'd took her out shooting. She wasn't crazy about going out to do this, except for the fact that Juno had wanted to take her.
"Now look through the sights, and line your target up"
Yuki raised her gun and aimed at the bottle again.
"No, no snowflake. You're holding the gun too tight. Hold it like this."
Yuki moved her grip on the pistol.
"Don't hold too long. If you wait too long, you'll over think your aim. Shoot now."
Yuki pulled the trigger. The bottle shattered in front of her. Ani raised a brow from the bench that e'd found to sit on behind her.
"Not bad", Ani said from behind her.
She gave em a glance back but said nothing. Instead she turned and leveled her gun at the second target. She leveled her sights and pulled the trigger. This time she hit it the first time. She was just as accurate the second time when she shattered the third bottle. She had been a fair shot under DeWinter's tutelage. Back during her last times with him she could easily hit a target at a much further range.
Ani watched her carefully from his vantage point. E finally stood up to move where e could get a better look at her face. E was much more interested to see the story playing out on her face than whether she could hit a few bottles or not.
There was one bottle left. She held the gun down as looked up at the last bottle.
In her mind though, she didn't see the bottle anymore.
"Harder! You're not punching me hard enough!"
"Shut up, Juno," Yuki whispered through gritted teeth.
"You don't look angry enough! They won't buy it!"
"You want me to look angry you son of a bitch? I am angry. It's taking every ounce of self-control I have not to kill you right now." Yuki punched the Archon in the face, hard. "You want harder?" She punched him again, ice forming on her fist. "Because if I start punching you harder, I don't know that I can stop."
The Archon said nothing. Yuki dragged him further down the alley, away from the main street, away from whatever remained of his crack troops, and threw him against a wall. There was barely any impact but she did it anyway. He punched her and threw her across the alley. Yuki growled and leapt for him, wrapping her hands around his throat. It was safer than punching him. If she punched him any more she was sure she would freeze him to death. This way ...
The Archon smiled. "That's ... that's better. That's my girl."
Ani's eyes narrowed. E obviously couldn't see inside of her mind, but e was able to read her face perfectly. E could guess what she was up to. E watched her in silence to see the result.
Yuki closed her hands around his throat, squeezing as hard as she could. She watched his smiling face slowly turn to a look of concern, and then fear as he stared into the hatred in her eyes. She released her grip only to punch him, hard, and then reached to his belt, unclipping his gun ...
She raised the gun again and took aim, this time the movement was quick. In her mind the gun wasn't aimed at an innocent bottle. In front of her was the face of Juno DeWinter. She had the shot, easily.
Ani waited eir eyes watching the story play across her face on baited breath.
The shot never came.
Yuki lowered the gun, then dropped it to the ground. She didn't say a word. She didn't cry or even make a sound. It seemed like a lifetime before she finally took in a relieved breath.
Ani walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at em with relieved eyes.
"Did you figure out what you needed to, Coolhand?" The reference was to a "Mobster" name that was picked out for her one day when they had been playing around. She was 'Coolhand Yukes' and e was 'Ani Ten-toes'
She nodded happily up at em.
E grinned at her and said "Good. Let's get out of this awful sunlight"

((By the way I know nothing about guns. I did a bit of research and stayed non specific about stuff. If anyone finds something about the gun or shooting it that was screwed let me know so I can fix it))
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