Ahead of Two Blades

Tales from days past, from days of Paragon City go here. This is a reminder of where we've been.

Ahead of Two Blades

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Originally posted by Pariah Flux: July 17th, 2009

The clacking of clawed feet rang out in the narrow stone stairway, much like the sound of a dog walking on pavement only louder and less frequent. These monstrous feet belonged to a demoness, none other than Pariah Flux, and to only those she trusts with her demonic name, Caeralune. Further down the stairway a soft flicker of torch light illuminated the archway into the main hall. The soft light revealed Flux's features, which were dark a bestial yet stunning creature with horns, flowing locks of red hair and glowing red eyes.

Entering the open corridor Flux wavers slightly, something is terribly wrong. The tapestries, furs, brightly coloured pieces of art and old tomes that decorated this old marble tomb were gone. The familiar scent of incense still hung in the air, but it is clear the person she is looking for is about to leave or is already gone. Her pace quickens, dropping briefly to all fours to lope across the stone floor, making a beeline for the bedroom. Again, the familiar belongings of her friend are missing, his large comfy bed and artifacts of old only lingering in her memory.

"ROB!" her voice pierces the empty catacomb, some of the torches on the wall flicker due to the sudden sound.

"No need to shout Kaitlyn. I'm in the study."

A slight smile swerves across Flux's face and she heads down to the study, peering in she sees Rob, a reddish demon of Flux's type who completely lacks the ability to control his appearance, his additional two arms a constant reminder of this. This room was stripped bare like the others except for a table in the center with two boxes on it, one flat and long, the other more square shaped.

"Redecorating? I must say it was much more cozy before..." she hisses playfully and slides up behind Rob, giving him a hug from behind. Her eyes move to the large box open before him, inside lie two incredibly large swords, dulled with time but nonetheless beautiful. "Are those ones yours?"

"Mine? Oh no no. Mine are already gone," he reaches a clawed hand up and closes the lid and the claps on the ancient case, "these are yours."

"Funny Rob, I don't recall owning swords," letting Rob go from the hug she walks up and drags her fingers along the case.

"They belonged to a friend of mine, she left a note saying they are for you."

"Lien-Hau? That's awfully nice of her, considering we have never met. Is that from her too?" Flux slid over to the second, square shaped box and fiddled with the latch, but did not open it.

Rob stood adjusting his cloak, and vest, he sighs almost painfully when Flux asks him about the second box and then reluctantly answers, "No. That one was for me. I won't be bringing it with me though."

Curiosity overcomes Pariah Flux and she opens the latch and peers into the box, inside sits a visage not unlike her own. Parts that should once upon a time been able to move and speak now lay in this box in a tiny pool of blood. The severed heads forked tongue slightly sticking out of the side of its mouth with the appearance of having be tucked back in. The room was eerily silent before Flux began to close the box.

"Well..." Flux sighs and turns back to Rob, who was still busy adjusting his cloak, "So this is why you are leaving?"

"They sent it straight to my front door Kaitlyn. They know where I am and they are coming for me next."

"Who?" Flux rubs the bridge of her nose in slight frustration.

"Demon hunters, other demons, cultists, angels, it doesn't matter. I need to be on the move. Good luck and good bye," Rob smiles softly to her and then heads to the study door.

"Wait! What am I supposed to do? Stay here?" Flux spins angrily around to watch Rob walk through the archway.

"... You have an army at your disposal, you have a kinship with humans that I can no longer have. You will never be unprotected while I have no allies and rely on my ability to disappear. You must understand this. Stay with your friends, stay safe."

He then headed out the door without another word leaving Flux and Lien-Hau's severed head together. After a few moments Flux picks up the box with the swords in it and then head towards the door before a nagging guilt begins digging at her. She turns around and hooks the box with Lien-Hua's head under her arm and heads back to the Citadel.

"I can't believe he leaves me to do your funeral, no wonder you didn't leave the swords to him, he's a big jerk. I'll do you up right. Have a nice little eulogy about how I never knew you but I'm sure you were a wonderful person..."

Flux smiles softly to herself, feeling a little better about the situation, but the nagging thought in the back of her mind is that there were only four of her kind, now there are only three. It's a lonely world out there where you are an endangered species, much as she loved Rob, it just didn't seem as much fun to go down without a fight.

"I'll be ready for what comes at me, I just hope the Reciprocators are too."
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