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Originally posted by Long Arm: June 18th, 2009

(Just going along with a desire I had to expand on the Kid's two parts meeting and all. Starts off a little sad, but really, it's got a feel good ending I swear! ..I just need to write it and post it. Whatever. First part is go.)

Raining, again. It had been raining hard for days now. Or, she thought it was days. The Earth cycle was still fairly new to her. It didn't matter, really- She had made up her mind, and she wasn't going to back down from it.

The Nictus, Starlight's Bane, had reached an odd point in her life. She had been pulled through the vaccuum of space, brought to this small, delicate blue planet she had never heard of before. She emerged from the cyst that brought her, and was slapped in the face with a hard dose of reality.

Her people, so wonderful, so...Perfect in every way...Were anything but. She saw unwilling temporary hosts lined up, waiting a forced occupation. Occupation against their will...Slavery. Had they always done that? Yes, as far as she could remember now. She just never cared.

And so, she ran. Or drifted, as it were.

She found herself on the streets of a city. A city where, the more she saw, anything seemed possible. Humans flew through the air without any logical means of locomotion. A man called for help, and received it in the blink of an eye. Invading alien forces were met head on in battle, and routed unquestionably. She felt some satisfaction in that- In time, that would be her mislead people being tossed from the city like so much garbage.

But what of Starlight's Bane? She thought back on all of her hosts over the years. The ones she offered some temporary power to, without giving the whole story. The ones who's lives she eventually sucked away, giving little to nothing in return. She was a parasite, and she had caused nothing but death and misery in her wake.

This was her fate, her atonement. She would die a slow, preventable death in atonement, and do nothing to stop it. It was the only way to atone for all the lives she had ruined.

But now, it was raining. She floated as a cloud of energy through the streets of a sector called 'Skyway', unnoticed by the green skinned humans that seemed to flock to this area. Later, she would admit she felt...A calling, of some sort. But now, she simply drifted.

Starlight's Bane found herself pausing for just a moment, focusing her senses down an alleyway between an abandoned restuarant and a small apartment building. The alley was mostly empty, save for some collected garbage, and a soaked cardboard box that stood off on it's own.

She was about to move on, when she noticed something...A child, crawling out of the box. A girl. She couldn't have been older than ten or so, by Starlight's Bane's (Admittedly inexperianced) guess. The child had ratty brown hair, torn and muddied clothes, and seemed more intent to feel around where she was going, rather than use her eyes.

It took the Nictus a moment, but she caught it. The child was homeless, sickly, and blind. Unfortunate, but not unheard of. It was time to move on, and yet..She couldn't bring herself to budge.

She watched with growing amazement as the blind girl began to root around in the garbage, going completely by touch, looking for...Something. Bane found herself completely unable to look away from the scene. She found herself hoping this girl would find what she was looking for.

After some time, the child's search ended without success. She clumsily made her way back to the box, and crawled inside. Bane slowly floated over, and settled in.

Before she knew it, she had watched over the child through the night.
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