The Grayside

Tales from days past, from days of Paragon City go here. This is a reminder of where we've been.

The Grayside

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Originally posted by the Noisebomb: November 20th, 2009

"Look, it's not that I don't think you can handle this," Warden Wattson says from some safe place far away. "You've just never done anything like this before, Noisebomb."

The Noisebomb sits pensively, his ears pinned back against his head as the helicopter's propellers churn noisily overhead. He looks sick, likely from the roar of the engine and the sound of the wind rushing against the metal frame of the helicopter. He looks up as he realizes he's the one being addressed when Wattson says his name. He nods, mostly to himself, before tapping his ear piece to make the feed go live.

"Yes dear," he replies. That clip of Beth was one of his favorites."

"...Okay, so, you know the plan," she says as she manually double-checks the security precautions on the communicators. "For completion's sake, I will brief you one last time."

The Noisebomb adjusts his still-crisp red and white Freedom Corps tights and sighs. The rigidity and formality of Longbow in this endeavor was a bit annoying, but there was a time and a place for the sort of bravado the Noisebomb uses to do his job and this wasn't it. He rubs his forehead as the chopper trades a salvo with an Arachnos Flier while Zigursky Penitentiary burns and falls to rubble below. His anxiousness is apparent to the team of wardens with him in the helicopter, and they murmur to themselves as the helicopter suddenly jerks upwards and to avoid the automated cannon fire from the Flier.

"A lot of good men died so we could get a full list of Fortunata Kalinda's candidates for Project: DESTINY. One of the candidates happens to have almost an exact copy of your powers," Wattson's voice drones boredly from the other end of the commlink. "We're trying to get more agents in the Rogue Isles; more contacts, more spies. You're going to infiltrate the Zig during this prison break, defeat the escaped villain, and take his place on the flier ferrying prisoners to Mercy Island."

Another volley of missiles is launched between the helicopter and the flier. The Noisebomb twitches as the sonic field he put around the chopper flickers.

"Yes," he replies with another Static Bolter clip.

"What you do there is your choice, but don't lose yourself to the act," Watson orders sternly. "You're a good kid, and you've got a lot of guts, but their laws aren't like our laws. You won't be able to tag people for arrests there. You're on your own."

The team of nondescript wardens, forming a standard task force of eight heroes including the Noisebomb, check their parachute packs and stand up from their seats. Those that can fly ready themselves as well. The Nosiebomb stands with them, and taps his ear piece again to feed the transmission back to Watson.

"Yes," he says, before searching for another sound clip. "I am the NOISEBOMB!"

"You're free to carry out any investigations so long as you don't expose yourself to Arachnos," the commanding officer says sternly. "If it comes down to can bend the rules a little. You're not beholden to anyone out there. You're really on your own."

The Noisebomb shifts uncomfortably as his team of wardens nod and wait for his affirmation to begin their counter-terrorism operation. He waits for a moment as he lets the idea of what exactly he's capable of without the Citizen's Crime Fighting Act resting firmly on his shoulders settle in, and smirks a little at the damage he could cause to Arachnos' infrastructure. There was a lot of good to be done. He looks to the wardens and gives them a thumbs up.

"Let's roll," he says, strained and two-toned, to his team. "Rock and roll."

The wardens shrug at his mannerisms and dive out of the copter. They hadn't said a word to the mutant as he came. He sighs, shrugs, and works his way to the open door of the smoking helicopter. It had taken a beating even with his sonic shielding up. He looks over the edge at the smoking, burning ground below and bristles at the thought of day-to-day chaos being a fact of life in the Rogue Isles. He could help end some of that.

Then there was Ani Hess. Someone had to bring eir back, one way or the other.

The Noisebomb shakes his head as he takes a step out of the helicopter, and he lowers his blast goggles over his eyes as he swan-dives towards the chaos below.

"The Grayside"
The Freaky Noisebomb: Going Rogue, part I

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