Character Changelog

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Character Changelog

Postby Alexis Apollo » Wed May 01, 2013 2:20 pm

With the new universe comes the opportunity to tweak, revise or completely rewrite our characters from City of Heroes. If your legacy character is changing in significant ways, post a summary here.

Alexis Apollo-2, Electric Boogaloo
The Adventverse Alexis is a reboot; her personality is the same, but her abilities have been greatly scaled back. In the Paragon universe she was a daughter of Apollo, gifted with some serious healing and combat powers (Empathy, Archery and various Energy-based powersets). She had engineering and medical skills, and for a while was the Recips' primary medical staff.

In terms of superpowers, new Lex is considerably nerfed. She is now a grand-daughter of Apollo, and has apparently not inherited her mother's impressive abilities. The only superpower she has is "Minor Immortality," which gives her a limited ability to heal her own wounds. Gone are the healing, flight and energy combat powers. Her weapon of choice is still a bow, but this time she also uses an assortment of "trick" arrows.

I've also narrowed her range of skills. She is still a mechanic, a technician, a master Ms. Fix-it with an enthusiasm for robots and cybernetics. However she no longer has any formal medical training. I've also set her XP level back to zero; she's starting out as a rookie and will make a lot of mistakes while she learns the art of crimefighting.

Why the changes? I'd like Lex to be a utility/support character that operates primarily behind the scenes, far from the front lines of combat. She still patrols the streets of Advent City, but her battles are not epic. Instead, her conflicts are smaller-scale and tend to be personal. On a team, the roles where she excels include investigation, rescue, repair, sabotage, research and gadgets.

A huge influence on new Alexis Apollo is Matt Fraction's Hawkeye; just one normal guy with a bow, trying to protect his neighbors and barely surviving. If you haven't read this series, it is amazing.

So that's New Lex! If you're not sure how to include her in stories, check out the wiki page or Bolter's excellent Perspectives story. If you still have questions, feel free to PM me.
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Re: Character Changelog

Postby Bomber » Wed May 01, 2013 5:50 pm

The Freaky Noisebomb--Chad Jefferson, Jr. AKA C.J. Jefferson-- was arguably the first of the generation of super heroes that cropped up after the metahuman veterans of World War II had returned. His appearance marked the beginning of the 'silver age' of heroism.

He was born in Harlem in 1947 to an inattentive mother, and a father who was a captain in the NYPD. He hero-worshiped his father, and learned from him the value of hard work, sacrifice, and duty. He learned how to hold his tongue and his drink from dear old mom.

His mutation transmogrified him into a terrifying hybrid of man and bat, with a large head and tall ears, wings beneath his arms, and a gangly build that left him hunched. To most of his fellow man, who had never seen such a creature, he was either a novelty or a monster. He discovered he could unleash devastating sonic screams and more subtle subsonic pulses to disable and destroy the actual monsters that began to surface along with his fellow metahumans, but did not act as a vigilante until the age of fifteen, when his father was incinerated by a flame-wielding super villain.

He was instantly hated by the media. It was easy to make the case that mutants and metahumans were destructive monster when the Noisebomb stopped a crime by screaming at someone until they gave up the fight. More than once, he was pelted by rotting food when a villain knocked him into the street. He was booed. He was called a menace if he caused property damage. Still, he persisted in memory of his father, who had unknowingly prepared C.J. for his career by explaining how difficult it was to be both black and an officer of the law.

The Noisebomb was silenced in 1964. That year, a sonic blast killed 12 people in Harlem and collapsed a building. Chad had been trying to quell the masses preparing to riot, and it was reported that a woman struck him across the face with a brick after telling him that he wasn't black anymore, much less human. He was given a very swift trial the next day and sentenced to the electric chair. He broke himself out of jail to stop the real culprit, and did, though he was found riddled with bullets. The popular myths are that the bomb was of alien origin or set by foreign aggressors, and that the Noisebomb had stopped an invasion of some sort.

He wasn't the best hero the world had ever known, but he did his best, and it was both his love for the human race that seemed to revile him and his sense of self-loathing that gave him his curious and immense inner strength. He remains a relatively popular cultural icon for his Never Say Die attitude, and for being not only one of the first American black superheroes, but also one of America's first mutant superheroes.

There is a statue of the Freaky Noisebomb in a park in Harlem to this day.
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Re: Character Changelog

Postby AlwaysAPrice » Wed May 01, 2013 6:43 pm

The Androgyne
Will have a counterpart in this universe but details are undecided and will probably remain so until eir first appearance. So far I'm waffling between two major ideas for em:

1) The Androgyne as a Sewer-King-like character dwelling in the heart of the Undercity, an information broker who knows many of the city's darker and more valuable secrets thanks to a network of homeless Under-dwellers Ani has "made beautiful" with eir radiation. This would be mainly an NPC.

B) The Androgyne as a freelance assassin specializing in underworld contracts and other supervillains, with a bent moral code that could be straightened out to reform em in a couple years time. Essentially a nearly straight port without the heavy influence of Paragon backstory elements like the Rikti, Vanguard, and Arachnos, with a timescale adjusted to match the original (if I go this route, e'll make eir first major splash as a villain about 7 or 8 months after the formal start of the Cips.). Also, despite the pride e takes in being a mutant, e thinks the Noisebomb is overrated as a cultural icon, but e rarely says anything about it because people just accuse em of being racist.
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Re: Character Changelog

Postby Skewey » Wed May 01, 2013 9:47 pm

Skewerstrike patch notes 5/01/2013:

- Shrike rebooted as an acrobatic spy-for-hire
- Nerfed age (~4 years younger)
- Assassin cult (lol) The Nest re-imagined as a more neutral and self-interested secret society
- Bird symbolism/puns buffed 66%

- Condensed 20 years of childhood misery into ~10
- Hard knocks education replaced with longer/structured Nest training; Shrike remains in good standing

Powers and Abilities:
- Shrike is much more agile and acrobatic than his counterpart, general high-level fitness remains the same
- Buffed hand-to-hand abilities, nerfed melee weapon abilities
- Shrike calmer, less emotionally unhinged, psychopathically inclined

- Shrike now has rad as hell skin-fitting acrobat suit, seam location still mysterious as ever
- Transition from 3D to writing medium should hotfix constant wisecracks about his ass
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Re: Character Changelog

Postby Black Seven » Fri May 03, 2013 12:20 am

Black Seven
Seven has received a large background revision, a significant power reduction, but will ultimately have the same general personality. Unlike her CoH counterpart she has not actively fought in an actual war, though she has received extensive intelligence/counter-intelligence training. As she was not driven to revenge upon the people that gave her powers, she also never got into any sort of assassin work to fund an obsessive revenge scheme - instead focusing entirely on the information brokering aspect.

Her previous powers were the result of a mystical connection to a sleeping old god, effectively an avatar, while her new abilities are significantly less powerful. That whole mess of powers have flown out the window, from life-draining touches to her pseudo-flight, and with it her ability to rapidly heal from injuries. While her new abilities do enable her to return to a high-functioning state they cannot be accelerated and take place over hours to days depending on the severity of the injury. A killing blow would render the whole point moot as she isn't functionally immortal like the CoX version.

I'm not going deeper into any other details since the only immediately relevant info are her powers!
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Re: Character Changelog

Postby Static Bolter » Fri May 03, 2013 12:50 am

Static Bolter:

The new Bolter's age has been wound back a few years and given that her father isn't dead she doesn't control her family's money, instead relying largely on handouts from her parents who are completely in the dark about her heroing career. To deal with her being largely absent from home she's been playing up the 'rich party girl' image, and is generally considered to be just another irresponsible timewaster.

The source of Bolter's powers is still a curse, but she's no longer a descendent of Mu what with them not existing in this universe, and the curse has been simplified significantly to the main spell of constant electrocution without all the other psychological/possession crap I had in it originally and wrapped up years ago. It was all pretty stupid anyway. The particulars of this incarnation's curse I'm not going to go into here, but they will relate to the existence of these guys that I haven't quite finished fleshing out all the details for yet.

Her offensive powers are roughly the same, with her still being effectively a human battery that can shoot out electricity, but I'm changing up her super speed slightly to be more 'lightning reflexes' and moving in flashes of lightning. Not a huge difference but functionally it would more or less mean that traversing long distances would seem like chained lightning effects moving from point to point to point rather than a sustained blur.

It's all detailed here, minus the history section. I swear I'll get to it eventually.
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Re: Character Changelog

Postby Elly » Fri May 03, 2013 1:38 am


Elly had a lot of changes in the translation over. The biggest one is that while she still has elastic powers, they're not permanent. Instead, she has a serum that she created accidentally that allows her to become elastic for periods of time, though the exact time is fairly unreliable. Currently, it's somewhere between 2-2.5 hours. Elly's powers also have the drawback of being extremely rough on her, and while she gets fatigued while the serum is active, the real problem is the crash as it wears off, where she basically falls over from exhaustion.

Elly's personality is still very similar, she's still very much the bright eyed idealist that always sees the good in other people. There is a line for her now, though, when she'll just admit that yeah, some people are just bad eggs and nothing can be done about it. She also has a rebellious streak that wasn't there before.

Backstory, Elly's now the youngest of 5, and the only daughter. Dervish technically exists in the setting, but she's completely unrelated. Elly's entire family are cops now, rather than monster hunters, and Elly is a chemist/forensic scientist instead of just a super prodigy chemist. She has a day job working with the police as a junior forensic scientist, and tends to get on her coworkers nerves.

Finally, Elly's design has changed. Her suit still has more or less the same pattern, though now it's thicker for defensive purposes. Due to the fact that it's Elly, while in costume she's afraid of people seeing her butt, so whenever she's not actively using her powers (Or going into/coming out of them), she wears a long APD jacket. She also has a belt full of random potentially useful shit hanging on her hips.

Edit: I forgot, she's older now at 25 (Nearly 26!)
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Re: Character Changelog

Postby Amarlex » Fri May 03, 2013 2:09 am

Marianne's changes aren't enormously significant, mostly just there to streamline her bloated and overdeveloped concept from CoH.

Changed her nom de guerre to "Lady Luck" instead of "Roll of the Dice". Much less clunky. She's no longer psychic, and only has one real superpower; her probability manipulation. No more weird halfass explanations for why I had the Ice Mastery power pool or Super Speed!

Vastly different, more streamlined and all-around better-written backstory now, most of which is unfortunately secret. But also not terribly interesting. Made her secret identity an actual secret. Spoiler alert Marianne isn't her real naaaaame

Instead of being a notorious cat burglar, Marianne now uses her less-than-legal talents to make a more or less honest living. Like a company might hire a "white hat" hacker to test their cybersecurity systems, they can call in Lady Luck to test their real world anti-metahuman security. The corporations of Advent City appreciate her services, although the A.P.D. takes a dim view to her actions (mainly because she's frequently embarrassed them when they've been called in as impromptu corporate security).

I kept her costume relatively the same in terms of color choice and overall style, although a lot of the details have changed. I need to put something on her Recipropedia page about it.


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Re: Character Changelog

Postby Tim » Fri May 03, 2013 4:40 am

El Etchogon:

Code: Select all
----- EL ETCHOGON VIEJO -----       ----- EL ETCHOGON NUEVO -----

Born into poverty in Tijuana,       Born into relative comfort in
1980's                              Tijuana, 1970's

Woke up as ghost in 2003,           Woke up as ghost in 2003,
died of cartel violence             died due to -reasons-
Ex-Catholic                         Zealous Catholic                 
Did not know he was a ghost         Knows very well that he is
that was possessing people          a ghost that is using a
                                    dude as a meatsuit

Both inwardly and outwardly         Is outwardly in total
very perturbed upon                 acceptance, inwardly in deep
realizing what he was               shame

Was ghost because of overly         Is ghost because of -reasons-
complicated magic processes       
started by Inca 500 years

Basically Superman sans             Phase shifting, invisibility
flight; punched stuff               and Athletic feats only
a lot                               within the bounds of what a
                                    human body can physically
Neurotic, jumpy, stubborn,          Smarmy, gregarious, loud,
clumsy, disillusioned               optimistic, still stubborn                 
Practical outfit                    *Flashy Green and Silver
                                    Superhero Suit*

Showed face in public               Doesn't show face in public

Is hero because of                  Is hero because of percieved
existential angst                   religious directive

Life made difficult by              Life made difficult by
arch-nemesis Marianne               ally Marianne

I think there are like two people here who knew him on CoH: good enuff
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Re: Character Changelog

Postby Black Starbeam » Sun May 05, 2013 10:07 am

The Black Starbeam

Not a lot is changing with Beam. Obviously though, his parents and fortune weren't lost in the Rikti War, but in the Great Fire. He discovered his abilities and actually started trying to help people a lot earlier into being homeless than in Paragon, which is part of why he never tried to reclaim what was left of his fortune and has been happy with people believing him to be dead.

His father and brother died after locking themselves in an air-tight fireproof vault after the outbreak of the fire, not expecting it to last as long as it did and the air in the vault ran out before the fire had run its course. He's at most a year younger physically, about 22 as opposed to 23. Not that it'd make much of a difference to anyone.

He's actually a little older than he was in Paragon, as I've moved his birth year back a notch to make him 35.

In general, his background is still the same. Rich kid turned poor through circumstances beyond his control. Wasted potential as an engineering student, passably good football player. Worked briefly for the family company.

I may modify a few things later, as there's been a bit that's never quite felt right, but for now that's where I am.
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