The Skull Syndicate

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The Skull Syndicate

Postby Skewey » Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:54 pm

The Skull Syndicate is a typical megalomaniacal paramilitary villain group with stated ambitions to conquer the world, though secretly they’d happily settle for internationally-recognized ownership of a country or two. Despite their primary income and continued solvency coming from the shrewd practice of prolonging and profiteering from other criminal conflicts, they’ll take money wherever they can get it, and so the Syndicate is best known to the public for its prolific rate of bank robberies, ransom kidnappings, technology thefts and other mid-level criminal conspiracies.

Sitting atop the throne of the Syndicate is the mysterious and powerful Shadowskull, a former military man rumoured to have sold his soul for power; beneath him is his inner circle, five exceptionally talented individuals tasked to aid in running the organization like fingers on a hand. This eccentric group includes the likes of the world’s least stealthy ninja and a disembodied brain in a jar, and despite frequent infighting and plots to kill one another, they are very good at their jobs whenever Shadowskull sees fit to bring them to heel.

Beneath this upper echelon of leadership, the chain of command unfolds the same as any other military power: lieutenants, captains, corporals, expendable cannon fodder. Estimates put the size of this membership and standing army -- which, given the loyalty demanded by the group, are one and the same -- at anywhere between 2,500 and 15,000. The dedication of Advent City’s heroes has ensured that at least 5% of these henchmen are in the federal prison system at any given time, which unfortunately is also one of their largest sources of recruitment. Occasional broad daylight marches and recruitment drives amount to little more than opportunities for Advent City Council to rid itself of whatever incompetent councilman greenlit them.

While the Skull Syndicate will occasionally carry out plans that must be met with Advent City’s full attention, the day-to-day threat they represent to the metropolis is manageable and benign.
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