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This is a random scene that popped into my head last night as an idea that could have kicked off the viral phenomenon; rather the exchange between Starbeam and the scumbag towards the end was. This isn't written as a story, just an outline/runthrough of an idea or example, Beam/Bolty feel free to lift and polish, adapt or discard this to any extent you like.

A blogger and his family have been cornered by a group of demented thugs in an alley behind a restaurant they've just left; they were caught trying to take a shortcut to their car. It's all recorded because said blogger was recording their daughter regaling her parents with some amusing kids-say-the-darnedest-things sort of story, it would have made an adorable post no doubt; alas, it's been interrupted, but he forgets to stop the video when he shoves the phone in his pocket.

Audio only for a bit, everything underlaid with the ominous chuckling and snickering of the troublemakers. Mom and Dad try to talk the goons into leaving their family alone. It doesn't work. The parents are trying hard to keep their calm for their daughter's sake, but it's getting harder. Cruel taunts mix with nervous pleas, the situation escalates, reaching its peak as the little girl shrieks and one of her parents yells, begging, "Let her go!"

There's a rushing sound of air being displaced by something moving at incredible speed, a crackle of electricity and a sudden surprised cry of pain. The rustle and snap of a cape billowing and settling accompanies the crunch of a knee smashing into asphalt. Angry shouts go up from the thugs and the sounds that ensue are masked by the rustling of the blogger's clothes as the family ducks behind the safety of a dumpster and check that they're all okay.

The phone comes out of the pocket and, realizing it's still recording, the blogger pokes their phone up over the dumpster to document what's happening. Black Starbeam and Static Bolter are, of course, kicking lots of ass. The most important moment for our purposes comes as they corner the leader of this group of dirtbags, maybe a meta himself, who looks astonished and frustrated that anyone would stand up to him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" he cries.

Bolter tsks. "You scared a little girl."
Starbeam adds, "We decided to reciprocate."
There's a pause, then the thug bellows, "I don't even know what that means!" He's looking around for a weapon or a way out.
Starbeam seizes him by the collar to capture his attention and growls in his face, "Returning the favour." before slamming a bone-crunching fist into his face.

As the gang's leader crumples, Bolter vanishes, and the blogger turns the camera to try and follow her blur, only to find her RIGHT THERE in the middle of asking, "Are you three all right?" The video ends on a light note with the blogger's startled, girlishly high-pitched shriek of surprise being cut off by his dropping the phone.

The next morning the blogger uploads the video to YouTube and posts it to his Tumblr with the simple comment "Thank you, Reciprocators." and spawns hashtag #returnthefavor.
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Re: #returnthefavor

Postby shaydewhisper » Wed May 01, 2013 9:24 pm


Depending on when we start the stories and when Yuki got involved with the Cips, this will likely play a huge part in her joining of the group.
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