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Re: Communal NPCs

Postby Black Starbeam » Fri Apr 26, 2013 7:07 pm

I actually like that we've subverted the meaning of Arbiter. It's a nice homage, without being a reference. I like the idea of adding the word American to it. American Arbiter is an awesome name.
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Re: Communal NPCs

Postby Visavis » Fri Apr 26, 2013 10:29 pm

American Arbiter is pretty good. It's one of the better ones, even. I wonder if we couldn't better, though. These are the ideas that have come up through discussion so far:

(American) Arbiter
American Marvel
American Eagle
National Anthem
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Re: Communal NPCs

Postby EikoMagami » Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:55 am

Ultimate Sacrifice
Paragon Supreme
Astro Glide (kidding)
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Re: Communal NPCs

Postby AlwaysAPrice » Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:06 am

As much as "American Marvel" has been my favorite in kicking this topic around in chat & IMs today...

EikoMagami wrote:Paragon has this not been considered until now?
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Re: Communal NPCs

Postby EikoMagami » Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:19 am


I was thinking of naming my character Paragon but I thought that was a little too on the nose, ya know? Then I thought if it gets used, it really should be for an important character with the right level of gravitas...GRAVITAS.

I'm taking that one. Gravitas. That's perfect for my character since that's exactly what they are trying to pull off.

I love it when my brain works like this.

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Re: Communal NPCs

Postby Plague of Wasps » Sat Apr 27, 2013 3:24 am

All right, I've had thoughts about Captain Amazing and his Super Friends, and Vis pressured me into sharing this. I don't have an actual identity for them yet, but I may have a theme we can try working around.

So every time I try talking about The Reciprocators to someone, I always describe you guys as the "Batman" supergroup. The reason I summarize like that is because the policy of "returning the favour" is ominous, bringing up shades of Hammurabi's "Eye for an eye" code of law. It means that heroes are willing to be just as scary, just as dangerous as the villains they face up against... maybe even scarier, but still holding to the line of "no killing." Keeping themselves restrained from going over the edge, just so.

Going with that analogy, why don't we make Captain Amazing's Super Pals the "Superman" group of Advent City, and the world? Or hell, combining him with a certain star-spangled captain, the "Statesman" group of this universe?

That brings about a whole bunch of themes we can work with.

Patriotic. High moral code. The bright shining jewel of hero culture, and America, fighting evil where e'er it raises its evil gaze.

They're darlings of the media. Their members are household names. And yet due to their status, they've fallen out of touch with the people they protect. They have a merchandise line, they have interviews on TV, they're criticized as being "above" the world and not nearly that effective in their vow to battle injustice...

They've been overcome by their success, to a degree. They still exist, and perhaps they still do plenty of good work. But their public image has fallen out of favour.

Enter the Reciprocators, the new kids on the block, who are serious about getting back to basics with the criminal scum who prey on civilians...

Sound like it has legs?

EDIT: Be advised that I actually haven't read this thread in full and it looks like Vis has a lot of my ideas covered anyway? Carry on. X_X
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Re: Communal NPCs

Postby Dr. Qiang » Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:01 pm

I've been mulling over ideas for potential bad guys, and I liked this one enough to make them an actual gang tag.


While their meteoric rise in the Undercity has gone relatively unremarked by Advent City's law enforcement, Ruin has earned a reputation for brutality among the city's other gangs. Currently limited to small sections of the Undercity, Ruin is agressive, expansionistic, and growing rapidly in both size and power. The gang is currently in a state of open warfare not only with the other Undercity gangs, but with every gang in Advent City. Sporting a rival gang's colors in Ruin's territory is said to be a death sentence, and when a large group in bright green turns up on another gang's turf it always means trouble.

Organization / Structure:
Unlike most other street gangs, Ruin is highly organized and its members seem to value loyalty to each other over loyalty to "the street." The gang itself is cellular and divided into 'hoods,' each under the nominal (if not direct) control of one of the "generals" of Ruin's inner circle. So far Ruin has avoided most of the infighting one might expect from a more typical gang. In fact, Ruin's Hoods are often extremely quick coming to each others' aide, and any contact with a rival gang is often met with an overwhelming response. In addition to their normal "Hoods," Ruin also boasts a collection of soldiers apparently under the Neon's direct control. These soldiers are the best equipped and bring heavy firepower against rival gangs when the Hoods call for it, and it's rumored that some may even be metahumans.

Their organization is both a boon and a hinderence, Ruin's rapid response to outside threats tends to strip nearby hoods of people, leaving gaps and vulnerabilities that could make their territories easy to infiltrate. They seem to have a decent grasp of tactics but never really hold anything in reserve. Neon tends to make frequent appearances during their aggressive landgrabs, and often leads them directly.

Leader: Neon
Real Name: Cassandra Ruiz

Once a carefree tagger living with her family in the Undercity slums, Cassandra's days of in-line skating and "sub-urban beautification" were brought to an abrupt end when a turf invasion by the Underworld Kings caught their rivals, the current "protectors" of Neon's 'hood, in a deadly surprise attack. Cassandra's mother and younger brother Michael were killed in the unexpected onslaught and Neon herself only survived when her powers expressed themselves, turning her flesh into solid steel.

Enraged by the murder of her family, Neon only hesitated a second before using her newfound near-invulnerability to bring the fight to the Underworld Kings. More than willing to deliver potentially lethal blows with her steel fists, she defeated the raiding gang and turned on the locals: ready to punish the reason the Underworld Kings had come to her doorstep. Seeing them bloodied by the Kings' gunfire, Neon she spared them not out of mercy but out of hatred for the Underworld Kings. Gathering up the battered survivors, Cassie delivered an ultimatum: Join her in retaking the undercity, or be brought to Ruin.

Created by: Dr. Qiang
Type: Communal NPC
Current Status: Semi-Available for use, her history may change if I decide to make her a Reciprocator instead. A redemption arc for Neon would be pretty awesome.
Appearances: None

The Inner Circle
The "generals" of Ruin are nearly all metahumans of various types, and at least one is ex-military. As the gang expands and gains in members and territory, the circle has slowly expanded as well. All members are handpicked by the current members of the circle and Neon reserves the right to kick anyone from the circle at any time, for any reason. To date, this has never happened. Nearly every member of the circle has suffered in some way at the hands of the Undercity gangs; so Neon treats them as her surrogate family and trusts them to take care of their own territories with minimal interference.
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Re: Communal NPCs

Postby AlwaysAPrice » Sat May 04, 2013 8:05 am

Random thought: In a callback (and alignment reversal) to the Shield-Breaking storyline, make John Brenning the well-meaning but ineffectual mayor of Advent City.

(Edit for those who weren't there for it or have forgotten: John Brenning was a corrupt Paragon City councilman with Family ties who was used as a communal NPC to figure in some way into several of the individual player sub-plots related to Crey's attempt to neutralize the Reciprocators through deceptive legal maneuverings. He agitated for the grounding of Cyberette after a staged incident in Boomtown, the denial of Kitsuki Kaijuko's adoption of her daughter, the passage of an ordnance requiring the disclosure of exact superbase locations the defiance of which led to the Cips losing their registration, and the revocation of the Androgyne's clemency agreement, and probably a couple other bits I'm forgetting.)
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Re: Communal NPCs

Postby Visavis » Sun May 05, 2013 2:08 am

AlwaysAPrice wrote:Random thought: In a callback (and alignment reversal) to the Shield-Breaking storyline, make John Brenning the well-meaning but ineffectual mayor of Advent City.

I'll second this idea.
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Re: Communal NPCs

Postby Visavis » Sat May 18, 2013 2:48 am

Here's that stuff from earlier:

Arbiter, real name Alicia Kohler, is the third in her family to carry the name. It is thanks to her predecessors that she has the powers of Tactile Telekinesis. These powers are primarily used in service of the United States government alongside her teammates in American Anthem. Her position, however, is not without its burden, even outside those typical for a public protector. The second Arbiter, Alicia's father, was involved in a number of scandals, both in and out of costume. After years of negative media attention and lengthy trials which prosecutors were never able to win, the second Arbiter finally decided to hang up his cape. If Alicia had not already proven herself quite capable as the outspoken heroine Columbia, it is doubtful that Arbiter or the American Anthem would have continued.

Fortunately, the United State's only government approved supergroup carries on, though it is not without its troubles. The actions of the past Arbiter, combined with the political nature of the group, have proven to be restrictive in terms of what the group can handle. This means that the group typically only intervenes in situations that are safe, from both a political and media-image angle. In addition to the problem of which issues the group can engage is the matter of its membership. American Anthem is not an organic group. Its members, like its actions, were 'safe' choices. Its members were chosen to reflect the growing diversity among America's citizens, rather than for any sort of ability to work as a team. Although not actively detrimental to the group, this has resulted in a lack of combat efficiency when compared to other naturally formed groups.

Arbiter, now in her mid-thirties, has performed her role well. However, with her role being that of a leader who is only able to act when the threat is almost entirely apolitical in nature and bent on redeeming a name that she sees as having been sullied, there are those who wonder if she wouldn't have been happier, and perhaps more effective, if she had never donned her family name and taken to leading the American Anthem.

We never really settled on a name. One idea was calling her 'American Anthem,' or simply 'Anthem,' rather than letting the group have the name. If we went with that, some possible group names to take the spot are:

American Revolution
American Ideal
Pillars of Justice
Stars and Stripes
The Union

If we let the group keep American Anthem.. we still need something for her. Ideas, plz.
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