Perspectives: Lost (Dec '08)

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Perspectives: Lost (Dec '08)

Postby Visavis » Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:44 am

shaydeswhisper: Perspectives: December - Post Here
My original idea for this month was going to be a dual theme of winter or holidays, but Sareini beat me to the punch for the Shield writing thing =-) So thanks to Mundane I have a new topic for this month. Lost.

Being lost could have a whole range of meanings. The feeling of physically not knowing where you are can be a frightening thing. It's something that can bring absolute terror to someone in the right circumstances. The disorienting feeling can be overwhelming.

Being lost could also mean that you've "strayed from your path" in a more figurative or spirtual sense of the word. Perhaps you are going down roads you had never meant to.

The word "Lost" conveys all sorts of meaning. When has your character ever been lost? Are they lost right now?

As always feel free to interpret the subject however you'd like.

Thanks again to Mundane for providing the topic this month, and for having the forethought to make a sticky with every month's topic in it.

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Re: Perspectives: Lost (Dec '08)

Postby Visavis » Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:47 am

Flame Kitten:
((Wow~! Been awhile since I wrote something! Anyways, as always, this story is a continuation of Fumiyo's background and has found its way into her personal data file, Most likely recorded by Resistance for her. Aso, if it be horrible awful and tasteless ;_; Sorry, it has been awhile for me yush, So I may be rusty.))

"Mmm, another tale of lore of my past to record yes? Perhaps the dark times? They accorded in my life shortly after I was turned into a spirit, before I fully accepted my new destiny. Or maybe this was always my destiny." I said softly as I floated near invisible in the main computer room. "IT was a time of relative peace and happiness for the rest of the world as I went through my own personal hell of emotions and thoughts... My goddess was smart enough to let me find my own path though it, through I cursed her often while I was in it..." with a soft sigh.. "It began more or less right right the attack on the temple and my death and rebirth as an avatar spirit of the Goddess of water and rebirth, the continuation of the river of time....." and the memories flooded back to me has I spoke.

The sky was bright, but my world was dark. Shades of the elements, of time itself even, made up my vision now. I could see through the lies and deceit, I could hear truth and darkness. I wandered for maybe a year, invisible, unseen, trying to pretend I was alive as I walked everywhere. My thoughts often turned to anger quickly, and more than once I lashed out at the world around me causing destruction and sometimes death. I didn't care at the time. I eventually learned I could simply will myself anywhere in the world, or just float like a random breeze through the world. I still refused to accept the change completely, and my goddess spoke to me one once in a great while when something required attention lest it cause a change in the fragile balance. My biggest mistake. My greatest shame. My worse regret. I ignored her once, three years into my new life. I had become lost within my hatred of the living, almost little better than the spirits I'd hunted with my brethren. That's when He found me.

"My my, such a powerful spirit." He said to me. I responded with malice and anger, "My my, what a stupid human!" as I went to attack him. My power failed me, my goddess refused to aid me in that state, through she left me enough to keep myself alive if one can call being a spirit alive. He defeated me roundly, and bound me to him. He'd been the one the goddess had warned me to remove, but I'd not realized. "I've better uses for you my pretty spirit. Come." and I had no choice. For the better part of a year he had me doing his dirty work in the ancient lands and times, well before those those thought to be the cradle of civilization took hold in the middle east regions and Europe. Assassinations. Fear-monger. As it went on, I realized more and more what it was I was doing. And I began to grow disgusted with myself... I began to remember what I truly was, and that it not one's body, it is not one's words and actions, or one's soul that decided what they were, it was their path, their choices, their connections, these are what makes someone something.

He had brought me with him to kill a great king, a man I'd meant in my life and remembered with fondness. My uncle. It was the turning point. In a flash after he commanded me to kill my uncle I remembered completely what it was to be a Spirit monk, and with that I broke the chains of captivity he'd woven over me as my goddess power flowed through me again. It was the first time the dragonic wings ever appeared, and with them more power. My goddess had not abandoned me, she'd waited for me to come to my senses. With that, I turned on Him, unleashing several years of guilt, of rage, and of sadness on him. I left him a quivering mass of muscle and blood, still alive through not likely thankful for it, before he'd realized what happen. I apologized to my uncle, he never saw or knew it was me I think. I think he was to stunned by the turn of events to realize. And before her could speak, I left to wander the world with renewed purpose and balance with myself seeking out the darkness within the shadows and light to help maintain the balance of the world.

"I learned the hard way to place my trust in myself and my goddess. She is the only connection I will always have, she is my mother, my friend, my sibling. With her by me, I'll never be lost again, for I will never again reject her." I say softly, smiling lightly as the familiar feeling of power from my goddess surged lovingly through me. "For I see my path bright and clear through the deepest hells and highest heavens now, with a celestial dragon to guide me into eternity."
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Re: Perspectives: Lost (Dec '08)

Postby Visavis » Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:51 am

(( The irony that I kind of did a huge post like this already is not lost on everyone, I hope? Now, for something completely different. ))

Rolling across the bed and tangled in sheets, Lilith made a face, finding herself unable to mood, and for that moment, unable to think. She'd had a plan, dammit, an epic plan for when she got up. She figured her current roommate had gone out already, so she'd be alone, and it was some kind of plan that involved not wearing anything but her sheet tucked around her bosoms and possibly food.

Ah! Food, that's it. Make food.

She rolled out of bed, long legs nearly tripping over the pooling white around them, stumbling over to the door to wrench it open. She gave a little hop and a peek, to check up and down the hallway, hoping to not give a free show to his royal 'over'ness. Maybe someday. Wait, bad thoughts, behave.

Feeling more than sure she was alone, she darted down the hallway, acting like a retarded school girl and giggling at herself, rolling around the door into the vast kitchen while humming the 'Mission Impossible' theme. She was feeling ridiculously silly, and perhaps lighter than she had in weeks.

There, all layed out, she'd planned on some crispy shrimp in spaghetti with... ... with... wait. This seems far too familiar. She'd had this once before.

Oh, yeah. The first meal Rome had cooked for her, all carted to her bedroom and layed out like a feast, all happy with himself and what he'd done. She'd smiled so large, and he'd returned it, and for a moment, everything had been perfect.

She slid down the counter, one leg tucked beneath her, covered in white cotton, the other bare and stretched out across the kitchen tile. She clutched the sheets to her breast, and before she knew it. She felt those tears falling down her face, once again she wanted to crawl away, hide in a darkness to never be found. Already she'd lost her fire, her desire to be her own.

She couldn't help it sometimes, that pit that pulled her in, the sadness that called to her-- beating on her chest, begging to be let in so she could just sob to herself while no one was around. She huddled in the floor, barely dressed and draped in white, her hair the same shade pooled across her shoulders with the dip of her head.

The path of a single tear dropping across her breast, over her heart, down to a scar she hadn't noticed. From the sewer? Her regeneration had been working fine, but now... why was it there? A reminder... a reminder that she was stronger than this. She was stronger than all of this.

She pushed herself up, still crying just a bit, rubbing the sheet across her eyes in a pass, starting her work of cooking. Huh, she had an idea, she'd make Bolter a whole fridge of food for Christmas.

In moments being lost was just a distant memory, even though she cried, even though she let herself feel that despair, that loss; it was something she'd experience and move on from. She wouldn't fall into that darkness, she'd make her food, make some for Bolter, and get to work on her plans for a certain Secret Santa gift she'd been assigned. Oh hell, that'd be rough...

(( Done. Random. Done. ))
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Re: Perspectives: Lost (Dec '08)

Postby Visavis » Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:58 am

Static Bolter:
This tree felt familiar...and not the good kind of familiar. Not the kind which meant she was back on the slope she'd started on, near to her family's Aspen home. It was the kind of familiar which meant she was still going in circles.

Beth kicked the offending tree and sat down in the slush underneath it, just in time to have some snow dislodge from her kick and plop straight onto her head. "GAH!" She brushed if off, feeling more than a little dejected. She must have been going around in circles for hours. Maybe if she just sat here someone would come and find her. Surely her parents had noticed she was missing, it was getting close to dark. Come to think of it, the sky had only been half-lit for the last two evil tree sightings...

That gave Beth pause; just how long had she been gone? It was late when she started out, alone, to the top of the slope. She'd been putting off getting ready for her parents' latest party as long as possible, deciding to get in one last ski run. Half way down she'd turned a new route, lengthening her run, and then what? Beth knit her brow in thought. It must have been a rock or something. She was going fast, and there'd been the snap, and next thing she'd known she was tumbling end over end into a drift, one of her skis broken.

But that all felt like hours ago now...more than hours, or wait....was it that long? Beth's head felt fuzzy and she rubbed at her temples, more than a little concerned that she may have a concussion. That was bad right? She had to get home. Pushing to her feet, Beth began again, heading down the snowy slope in the half-light, passing between the long shadows of the trees. God, home; her parents were going to kill her, she must be super late for their party. At least they wouldn't be able to give her a lecture until after all the guests were gone. If she was lucky she'd be able to retire early and put it off until morning. What with lunch with her mother and now this debacle she didn't really feel up to a full evening of meeting 'eligibles' and listening to gossip. God, her father had mentioned 'his associate' Mr Daws was coming, which would mean at least half an hour's worth of uncomfortable conversation about whatever new big thing he'd bought and a bunch of stock tips because he just wanted to 'look out for his girl'. Beth shuddered at the thought of what lay ahead of her and idly contemplated staying out in the snow until rescued. Surely the party would be over by then.

Gazing around at her surroundings, Beth finally noticed the ground seemed to be flattening out. Maybe she'd hit the bottom? That would mean home, or a road, or something. She quickened her pace, bursting out from the shadowed trees into a clearing. The snow here seemed completely untouched; not a single footprint, even from animals. Beth felt almost ashamed to step forward, like she was messing it up. Wait...near the other side, was that someone? Her misgivings forgotten Beth raced quickly across the clearing, her feet sinking deeply into the white carpet of snow. The figure turned to face her, it was a man, his features masked by his clothes which were a deep red, so deep as to be almost black. Beth came to a stop a few metres from him. Suddenly this didn't feel so right.

"I have been waiting for you..."
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Re: Perspectives: Lost (Dec '08)

Postby Visavis » Sat Apr 06, 2013 1:15 am

Void Huntress:
"... Where am I?"

She awoke in a tunnel. The walls seemed somehow familiar, but she couldn't place them. They were a dull grey brick.. No, cinder-block.There were lamps bolted to the wall every now and then, but they only seemed to make the darkness in between stronger, more all-encompassing.

More hungry.

... let's not think about that. Okay, time for something else.

"... Hello? HELLO!" Nervous now, she calls out louder, shouting, hoping someone might be able to hear her. She couldn't see the ends of the tunnel -- or was it a hallway? -- because the patterns of dim light and black blurred to an indistinct wash of grey in the distance.

Echoes start filtering back, her own voice mocking her, giving her the response she didn't want. Nobody but her. After a moment of looking around confusedly, she looked herself over.

She wasn't hurt, and she was dressed in a clean white jumpsuit. Nothing particularly stood out, except she couldn't recall seeing the garment ever before. Rummaging quickly in her pockets, she found all she was carrying was a lighter -- she doesn't smoke, what the hell is that for-- and what looked like a compass. No phone.. not that it'd probably work wherever she was.

Okay, so. She woke up in a tunnel, wearing clothes that aren't hers,carrying stuff she wouldn't want have on her.. This is insane. On a whim, she pulled out the compass, standing under a lamp... and was rewarded with a needle that occasionally twisted a little.. sometimes stayed still.. then would drift a bit..

"... Fuck, even that doesn't work. What the hell is going on here? Did someone drop me into a damned Twilight Zone episode or a surrealist computer game or something?"

Shoving the useless object back into the jumper pocket, she started walking down the hallway, looking around for something, anything different from the bland and homogenous pattern of grey block, grey mason, and dim incandescent bulb. She picked the direction at random,mostly by virtue of being unable to tell the two apart.

It took a while, and a lot of mumbled profanity describing what she'd like to do to whatever jerk dropped her down here, before something finally showed a deviation in the distance. A change bringing a bit of hope, and renewed vigor, she ran towards it, quickly finding a hallway branching off to the right. Well, now there's at least SOMEthing different...

Reaching the intersection, she looked down the new passage only to see more grey. The exact same pattern from where she came from. The same pattern that continued down the passage she was in. Now she had two new choices of exactly the same damn thing she'd been going through already, and not the faintest clue which one might actually lead somewhere useful.

".. Why the HELL am I even down here in the FIRST place!" The demand was frustrated, the anger dissipating to despair finally; she couldn't hold back the fear anymore.

"It's about time you asked a useful question. Maybe now we can get something done."

Whirling around... nobody. Nothing. "... What? Who's that?" She cast her gaze about left, right, up, down. Nowhere could she see a person,or even a speaker or anything that could have possibly been the source of the sound.

"Oh, don't step back so soon, you don't need to know the answer to that. After all, you already know. Let's keep on track, shall we? Why are you down here? To find yourself, of course."

"... Find... myself? What? Jesus, am I fucking crazy, is that what this is? Or did I get hit by a bus, or what?" Again, she looked around, but couldn't figure out where the voice was coming from. Whoever it was, she sounded amused... Like this was all the punchline to a sick joke.

"Oh, you're not crazy. You weren't in an accident, either. You can't be, because you don't exist. You're just a figment, a dream. You're a nothing, trying to find something."

"... wh--" She couldn't even manage a single word, the notion was so absurd. "That doesn't make any damn sense. I can't be a dream, or I wouldn't be this damn upset at being dropped in the middle of damned nowhere underground or wherever the hell this is. What the hell is going on?" She was getting angry again; now that she finally had someone to talk to, she was getting utter bullshit.

"Another good question, despite your prattle. You're here to find yourself, not rant pointlessly. Still, the answer is simple: You're in a maze, in your mind. That is, your real mind, not this the deluded little shadow you think you are. Your job is to find your way out, find the real you, and end your pointless little wandering about unproductively. Assuming, of course, you can actually be useful for once."

"I.. you.. What the fuck do you take me for? Of course I'm real! Why the hell are you trying to tell me this? I know you're full of it, whoever you are!" Staring at the directions available, she started heading down the branch hallway, deciding not to sit around and just take this.

"Again with the ranting.. At least you're moving now, that's a start. And I'm telling you this because it's true, and you need to accept it before you'll get anywhere. Here, let me prove it. What's your name?"

"Talia Esther. Try again, asswipe."

"You're not Talia Esther, you know. You think you are, but that's a convenient little lie. But yes, let's try again. When's your birthday?"

A sigh. "This is stupid. August 17." A pause, then a snort. "And the year too, huh? Fine. '80. That good enough for you? I mean, hell, you have to know all this anyway, if you kidnapped me and dumped me in here."

"Of course I know that. But let's try something else. What's your favorite color?"

"It's--" She came to a stop, staring at nothing. "I mean, it's..."Trailing off, she frowned, realizing she couldn't remember. But that was stupid, how could she not remember?

"Ahh, now you're thinking. Here's another one for you. Your favorite book? Maybe your favorite movie. Do you even remember the last movie you saw?"

".. I... Wait..." Impossible. This couldn't -

- possibly mean you aren't -

"- real tired of this shit! I don't need these mind-games! Let me out, whoever you are!"



No response.

She started walking again. It couldn't be true. It couldn't be. It doesn't make any sense, and .. she just has amnesia, that's all it is.

... and if she isn't real, why the hell does she have a lighter and a broken compass in her pocket, anyway?
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